Sunday, November 01, 2020


                                            A lovely little poem from Mary Oliver, which tells it all!

Fall   Mary Oliver

Another year gone, leaving everywhere
its rich spiced residues: vines, leaves,

the uneaten fruits crumbling damply
in the shadows, unmattering back

from the particular island
of this summer, this Now, that now is nowhere

except underfoot, moldering
in that black subterranean castle

of unobservable mysteries—roots and sealed seeds
and the wanderings of water. This

I try to remember when time's measure
painfully chafes, for instance when autumn

flares out at the last, boisterous and like us longing
to stay—how everything lives, shifting

from one bright vision to another.........

                      October has ended her lovely visit, - warm days, blue skies and brilliant colours.

                                  November brings with it family birthdays, the anniversary of family deaths

                                       brooding weather and a saddening of the leaves and trees and gardens....

                                               and yet November brings as well the beginning of new life 

                                                        as this return to earth of the summner's bounty  

                                                           brings nourishment, and spring, eventually,

                                          Cleaning up the garden has put me in a philosophical mood, it seems.

                                                                I spent the afternoon yesterday out in the garden,

                                                             under a blue sky and enjoying the warmth of late fall 

                                                    I  will compost what I can, but it is apparent that the yard waste man

                                                          is going to have a barrel or two when he comes on Friday. 

                                       How generous Mother Nature has been with these great multitudes of greenery!!!!

                                             It brings to mind the autumn drives we used to take through the valley,

                                                                    - wonderful memories...    A few pictures.....

                                                                                Autumn in the sunshine

                           and when the darker, (but still lovely) days of November arrive...

                                                         Sometimes the memories are nostalgic and melancholy,

                                                               ....... sad memories of frequent trips across the pass 

                                                              to sit and spend sad November days at the hospital, 

                                                                          desperately  holding on to hope

                                                                                     but I remind myself,     

                                                    the memories of happier days are many and comforting,

                                                                    and I indulge myself in them!!!!

                                                      Here is a picture of the Similkameen Valley

                                                           where we have been blessed to live.

                                              and a picture of a pumpkin which youngest son carved 

                                                      in honour of the Saints of All Hallowed Eve..

                                                                   I have written a few words here,

                                                               have gone to Anglican Online Church

                                                           And now it's time to go and get some lunch

                                                                and maybe go out and tackle the garden

                                                             while the sun shines on this lovely Sunday.

                                                              All is well this first day of November,

                                            and the White Rabbit assures me it will continue this way!!!

                                                 He reminds me that before I went to bed last night

                                                                      I turned all the clocks back....

                                             An arrogant thing to do to Time, who really is all powerful

                                                              as he often whispers to me,  at 95!!

                                            Time is the ancient whisperer, - not the White Rabbit......