Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ABC Wednesday

The  letter A and we’re off again!!!!!

A is for the Amaryllis



I have been awaiting this moment, when ABC Wednesday began another trip through the Alphabet, hoping to be diligent about my posting.

Because of my great yearning for gardening and spring to arrive I am going to use flowers as my theme as we go through from A to Z.

The amaryllis is perhaps one of my favourites, – in league with the paper whites.   Both of them get me through the winter months when outside the skies are dreary,  and I watch out my window at the Hawthorn tree to see if the catkins show any sign of the sap rising.  What would December and January be without their brightness at the window!!!!


If I choose to plant the spent bulbs in the garden after a little rest from their spectacular showing during the winter season, some of them bloom quite vigorously, but then they don’t have the energy to do it all over again the next year, so it is probably better to let them rest quietly, and then around the first of October put them in a cool dark place to awaken the urge to start blooming again. 

Pot them up around the first of December and they will add their glory to the Christmas season and beyond when the most attractive reading to the gardener is the seed catalogue and the incredible gardening magazines that illustrate what other green thumbs and creative minds have accomplished.

Many thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her Able helpers for carrying on this terrific meme, – click here to see what other wonderful interpretations for A have been posted.