Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Confined to Barracks

The 10th day of January, 2018

And I am Confined to Barracks!!

Having spent the first forty years of my married life

as a farmer's wife

on a Veteran's Project.

I found my vocabulary changed considerably,

and I adopted many a military phrase, --

like being thoroughly Brassed Off

that I am in the midst of a

(situation normal, all fouled up)
ladies' more elegant interpretation

in that I am Confined to Barracks on account of

the snow and ice that has put my family in a Flap

that I might Fold Up and Hit the Deck!!

This would never have happened Yonks
(a long time ago)

when I was the one who was in a Flap because it was

quite possible the rascals were AWOL

and I had to do Bed Checks every night!!!

Ah well, times change...

but as much as I appreciate their concern

I do yearn for a little freedom to be

out and about......

Small patches of blue sky right now and soon

the sun will be peaking over the mountain top,

and maybe I will take my lunch out to the porch and dream

about what all the little bulbs are doing,

under that ice and snow that limits old ladies

from going sledding and skiing!

Or even to the grocery store....(whinging..)