Friday, May 29, 2020

White peonies

Peonies at Dusk

White peonies blooming along the porch
send out light
while the rest of the yard grows dim.

Outrageous flowers as big as human
heads!  They're staggered
By their own luxuriousness.  I had
to prop them up with stakes and twine.

The moist air intensified their scent,
and the moon moves around the barn
to find out what it's coming from.

In the darkening June evening
I draw a blossom near, and bending close
search it as a woman searches
a loved one's face.

Jane Kenyon

May 29th, 2020

Morning in the Garden

The shadows are lengthening

as the sun rises higher in the sky

but still it is morning,

and there is that lovely fresh aura

in the air

Spring is late this year, -

at least the gardens' response to spring.

I look at pictures from earlier years

when the Blaze and Princess roses

were in full bloom...

but I am not impatient.

It will all happen in good time

and I find joy in watching the garden gradually

settle into summer!

Here's what's blooming!!!!

The Iris, of course

Iris and a few pink roses, although they are far behind last year's generous offering....

not so with the buttercups, - they are inclined to be weedish - but bright and heart warming, so they 

get accepted!!

 Out back there are some lilies and more iris, a garden shop basket and the promise of lilies and shastas and peonies - SOON

a few early poppies and the honeysuckle coming into bloom

along with the clematis that lives beside it.

The scarlet peonies along the front fence have been quite gorgeous,

but here, in the back garden, the single white peony starts to bloom

and they are so lovely in the evenings when they spread wide

their petals, and their beautiful golden centre glows.

The Blaze rose got a terrific pruning job this year, and although they are not

the brilliant blaze of glory as in other years

we will look forward to 2021!!!

Lilies - the first of many

and more pink cabbage roses

 Everything welcomes the sun and the rain

and blooms merrily

Oh, life would be so dreary without a garden!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bouquet No. 1

A beautiful sunny day!

a few perennial buttercups at the feet of the iris and alium

yesterday was dismal........

but today is inviting!!

Following a little after-lunch nap

we left Bruce sleeping

and The Walker and I

went out for  a little stroll

(as much as you can 'stroll' with a Walker -

but that's the way things are these days!!)

There are some lovely light lilies in bloom

a perfectly wonderful yellow.....

and the early peony is showing signs of

calling it a day, while the later ones

are still pregnant, - growing closer every hour!

A few early white daisies are crowding in

amongst the clover that persists on growing

at the front of the flower bed,  just 

beyond the fence (that needs painting)

And the yellow daisies show dire signs

of the problems that afflicted them

last year,

which means I must seek expert advice

and get them sprayed, or they will

all curl up and die.

The garden needs attention,

but not this afternoon.

I am here to enjoy the few roses that are blooming,

the poppies that are pushing against

their white metal fencing,

and to pick a few flowers to

brighten up the house.

Not an awful lot to choose from

but soon I had a nice selection lining The Walker's basket

and here they are....


placed in front of the "arrival mirror".....

an old dresser that fills the bill nicely,

and makes one think that we have just twice as many

blossoms as the garden yielded.

Off to make a cup of tea, or a glass

of lemonade,

and I shall sit outside and glory

in the late spring.

at 95 one must take advantage of the beauty

that cometh from above....

Just in Case.....Carpe Diem.