Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living in Anticipation

I have been living in Anticipation, - a wonderful place to reside!
They say that Anticipation is 90% of pleasure, but I'm here to tell you that's not true in all cases.
I have been looking forward to the day when my hearing aids arrive, and yesterday was the day when all my anticipation turned into the sound of birds singing, bees buzzing, the summer breeze gently moving the leaves of the trees in the garden,  and the trickle of water running through the fountain. 
Oh glory be, what pleasure.
We went to Penticton for a mid-morning appointment.  A gorgeous day, - blue skies
summery clouds, small twitches of anticipation.

a summer mist around the lake

a small deer sauntering across the road, and into the forest

How  fabulous it is to be able to hear people talking without them having to raise their voices
a number of decibels, - for them, as well as for me....  My daughter arrived
for morning coffee today, greeting me in the usual tones she has been accustomed to
because 'mother doesn't hear'....... but this morning
mother heard, and it was quite deafening!

Such a treat not to have to guess what all that 'mumble' was about -
nor to have the anxiety that accompanies your interpretation of that was said
in case you make a complete fool of yourself.

And to hear the waitress who whispers when she comes to take your order......
I am reveling in music I have not been able to hear adequately for such a long time.
It is not perfect, but the audiologist tells me that with persistence and constant wear
the brain will soon acknowledge that this is part of the whole pattern
and will accommodate and improve reception.
Well, I shall certainly be persistent and pop them into my ears every morning
first thing when I awaken.
A further pleasure accompanies the wearing of these particular aids.
Partly they are the ones Charles wore, with only a different 'carrier bud' added,
so that when I tuck them around my ears they are as sweet
as a rose, or a sprig of lavender that I carry with me all through the day.
I have other lovely things in the Land of Anticipation
which I will tell you about some other time.

Right now I am going to go and sit in the shade, with a book, where I
can hear the birds conversing, a pine cone drop to the ground
and the swish of roller-blades as the neighbourhood children float by.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

ABC Wednesday July 10th, 2013

The letter is Z

Z stands for Zantedeschia aethiopica

And it may, or may not, surprise you to know that this is the official name of the Calla Lily

this painting by Christine E. Striemer
A most charming and elegant flower, its beauty and pure simplicity making it
a popular choice for weddings and funerals
On the other hand, the Calla Lily is a native to Africa,
where it grows wild along roadways and in fields
and is called 'pigs ear'.
But in Greek the name means 'beautiful'!
The Calla is easy to grow, thriving even in poor soil from a rhizome
which can be saved from year to year
and replanted in your garden in the early spring.
In the house the Calla is known as a 'heavy drinker'
and it is advised that the stems in the vase be cut every few days
to enable it to slake its thirst.
And here we are at Z in the alphabet, and looking forward to starting again at A, with thanks to Denise, Roger and all others who help with this meme.
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