Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 26th, 2019

Wednesday evening, - the middle of the last week in June,

 and it's been such a lovely month.

We are catching up with rain showers, and mostly they happen at night, 

The plants and flowers get watered, and they are fresh and delightful 

for one to enjoy in the daytime.

A week ago there was not much in bloom

but suddenly the lilies have all opened their lovely petals

and the yellow daisies are in fierce competition

with the Shastas.

Out front the orange daylilies wave in the breeze

and do a great job hiding the fact

that the white picket fence is badly in need

of painting!!!

The Bee Balm toss their scarlet heads,

and soon the barn flowers will be wildly yellow.

Even now they have grown tall and bush so our privacy

is quite assured.

A mama deer has taken up residence with her little one

in the shrubs that line the creek on the other side

of the meadow.

We don't see her often, but it is a great pleasure

when we do!

When we get tired of weaving Callie and Bruce and I sit outside with a book

and a glass of lemonade.

We gather a small vase of the flowers Charles loved

to share beside him...

Bruce explores the garden, but Callie disappears into the greenery...

The other day I called her and she came out with a poor wee mouse in her mouth

so I guess she returns to the wild when she burrows....

Life is good!

Lavender scent is lovely...

I heard a nighthawk call last night...

The raspberries will soon be ready to gather for breakfast...

I am all ready to wind a new warp...

I waken at five, - ready for a new day (tho' I bury myself in the blankets until six!)

I see my children often, and lovingly....

Life is good.  

 (oh, have I said that already???)