Monday, August 27, 2018

Gratitude and Satisfaction

Monday, August 27th, 2018

What a day!

I woke this morning at six-o-three 
after a fabulous sleep,
and sprang* out of bed
to accommodate the little dog!

What a surprise......

Instead of smoke
I saw blue skies, white clouds, and
the sun just glimmering through
as it rose on the day.

Fresh air flowed through the open window...

The rain bucket was full!

Albeit a small one....

As you can see from the debris floating on top
it has been some time since that
bucket has seen rain water....
June, I think.

Wll it last?

Are we just enjoying the whim of passing air currents?

The fires close by are still burning ferociously...

the smoke is going somewhere?

How lovely not to have it here,

even for a morning!!!

....and I have a warp to beam on

All's right with the world

and the morning's at seven!


definition of this word changes with the years..

definitely it is dependent upon the age of the "sprangee"

I can remember springing out of bed
with the greatest alactricity  (my word)
in the younger years.

Now it is merely a way of expressing oneself
with  delight for the morning, or the greater
need which rouses one to 'spring'.