Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big celebration! 

 Although when I woke up I didn't think there was anything special about the day. 

 However, Teena from Toronto pointed out to me that it was my blogaversary, and when I went to investigate I found that yes, indeed it was!  I first dipped my toe into the literary waters on July 23rd, 2006 - what a long time ago that seems....

And what an interesting and heart warming experience it has been, to be part of Blogland wherein dwell such a variety of writers, with a myriad of mind opening views and ways of life and lovely entertaining postings that keep me enthusiastically surfing all the while time flies by.

A handful of writers who are also kind readers of my posts, have become familiar and are often in my thoughts. I enjoy the small insights into their lives, - rejoice when good things happen to them, and feel sympathy over inevitable sadness's.

Wonderful to have a spot where you can reminisce and comment and express your thoughts and longings, and I do thank all those of you who write of exotic places or everyday happenings; of your deepest feelings and your wisest words and your most entertaining imaginings.

Perfectly lovely!!!

Thank you all.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Living like a minimalist, in spades.

I am gradually adjusting to this simple and sparse mode of living.

The pictures are still on the walls.

The books are still on the shelves.

But the drawers and the cupboards are bare as Mother Hubbard's, - I open a door to find something, but look!  Simplicity plus, - nothing but pure air.  Whatever I needed is packed in a box......amazingly we manage to make do, or go without.

We have a pen, two pencils, a large pad to make notes on and remind ourselves of what still needs to be done, and we are excruciatingly careful not to misplace any of them.

We make lists of what happens when, who will be on first, and where will the cat live while all chaos slowly becomes order.  I envision in my mind what will fit where in the new rooms, and try to remember just where the second bathroom fits into the scheme of things.  And what will I do without a pantry?

When it gets too much I go out into the garden and admire the lilies and the bee balm growing next to them, snip some sweet peas and rub the lavender between my fingertips, enveloping myself in its beautiful fragrance.

or gaze off into the hills and the heavens

The movers come on the 28th!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ABC Wednesday
Starting all over again on this wonderful adventure of matching up the letters of the alphabet with an object, a poem, a place, a painting or some whimsical thing that challenges your imagination.

A is for Anemone

picture by S. & J. Perkins

A lovely example of this early spring flower
the Anemone Nemorosa
or Wood Anemone
a beautiful member of the Ranunulacae family.

Alas, the plant contains poisonous chemicals that are toxic to animals, including humans,
 but it has also beenused as a medicine.
All parts of the plant contain protanemonin which can cause severe skin and 
gastrointestinal irritation.

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