Wednesday, September 09, 2020

 She is here, - she is here!!

Blown in by autumn breezes..

September is here, - there is just something in the air that speaks of autumn.

Bruce and I sat out in the back garden, - me with a book, and he/him with his eyes closed, stretched out on the garden bench, enjoying the sun and the cool breeze.

I am reading "Greenery Street" by Denis Macrail - a delightful book so far, - easy to read and so entertaining.  A little of that "wry humor" that I so often see mentioned in book reviews.  Denis, the author, married Diana Granet in 1917, and they lived at 23 Walpole Street. Chelsea, the setting for Greenery Street (1925).  The little inset at the back tells one that this is the first of his twenty-five novels, and that it was written in 1920.  It's success encouraged him to give up his office job and from then on he wrote a book a year, becoming "the official chronicler of the domestic preoccupations of the upper middle class in London".  With such friends as A.A.. Milne, J.M. Barrie and Wodehouse he was one of a circle of lovely writers that old people like me are so familiar with!!!  I must look for more of his books, but of course the Library is closed, along with almost everything else in town, because of this dratted pendamic.

I am thankful for the back garden!|!  Where the purple asters are beginning to blossom and the bright orange berries on the Mountain Ash tree are heavy and gorgeous, bending the branches low. I would expect to see many birds among the branches, but perhaps these particular berries  are not an enticing part of their diet.... There are five or six robins bathing in the fountain on the front lawn every morning - I suppose they are thinking of packing their bags and flying south, soon!

The street at the front was full of men in yellow vests and trucks that said "Focus" on them, - wires, and men climbing poles....  I didn't go out and ask what they were doing, but they all seemed to be quite focused, and they went away without anyone coming to the door to say"Ma'am, we've just installed Ultra Internet" and nothing seemed any different when they left, but no doubt they had something in mind, and I will ask Youngest Son when he comes to say goodnight....

Tomorrow is another day to enjoy the blue skies and sunflowers September blesses us with....


And the autumn leaves and vines....

Monday, September 07, 2020

Monday, September 7th, 2020

I am waiting, patiently, for September to begin to perform it's magic!!!

Somehow I am still bogged down in late August in the remnants of "old summer".

Nights are cooler, but daytime doesn't encourage open doors and windows, and that lovely scent of Autumn.  Reluctantly I turned on the Air Conditioner this afternoon, - this was after I had gathered together a book, my glasses, a cool drink, the telephone and a basket to hold them all together.

Bruce and I went out the back -

(had to leave Misty the Cat in the house, as I am not yet assured that she would not climb the backyard trees and leap over the fence and up the lane!!! - I am not in good enough shape to race after her and my calling voice is not appealing enough to challenge the excitement of being 'on the loose')

Even in the shade it was uncomfortably warm, so we came back in and found some coolness in the A/C.  

After a while oldest son and his wife arrived with a lovely, fresh fish that they had caught while in their two or three day sojourn at Logan Lake -  I stuffed it and had it for dinner.  Delicious!!!!

I thought yearningly of the days we had spent in the woods and at the lakes, and the friends we had been camping with, - fishing in the daytime and playing bridge at night.  Precious memories, and so lucky to have them..... Here is Charles, and our granddaughter, Noni - how to put a squiggly worm on the hook!  Grandpa knew it all!!


Tomorrow I plan to adventure with the cart, up and around the corner to the Fruit Stall, and when I come home with some apples I will make a pie - or perhaps two (one to share around)...

What is September without apple pies, I ask you now.......