Wednesday, June 17, 2020

June 17th, 2020

I woke to blue skies, white clouds and the faintest summer breeze, blowing through my open window.

For a week it has rained, been dreary and wet and the flowers and plants bent over, peering at the damp grass!

But this morning put joy in my heart when I opened my eyes to sunshine, and I quickly slipped out to put on the coffee while I dressed and let Bruce out to gambol on the nice fresh lawn.

When the morning coffee visitors had gone about their business I gathered up cups, had a hasty piece of toast, and we were out like a flash to welcome the sun (after all the dreary rain...)

Took a few pictures....

The small clematis is clinging to the back fence in great bundles, while what remains of the honeysuckle  intermingles around the edges

Towering over the garden shed the red rose blazes, as it is supposed to do in compliance with its name.  We have had Blaze Roses in all our gardens (as I have probably said before).  I would say they have a sentimental place, but somehow it is more than sentiment, but a continuation of a love and relationship we have had for this handsome and loyal flower.  There were Blaze Roses growing against Charles' parents' screened in porch and it just seemed natural to plant them in our first garden

There are lots of things in bud - not so many in bloom - but here are a few delphinium,  the remnants of the peonies in the back garden, and the last of the roses.

some pink roses and a few tubs of herbs and flowers....

and a shaggy peony!!

In a week or so the garden will be a glorious mass of yellow and gold

as the barn flowers and the yellow petaled daisies 

start to bloom,

with the shastas as a lovely complement to them.

When the clouds gather I go in and weave

and have this great long warp

to show for it!!!

It's all cut up now. into individual bits

with ten towels to hem

and two placemats which are nicely fringed!!!

busy days for busy fingers!!!

It fills the hours when we are so confined

to home these pandemic days.