Saturday, June 17, 2017

This and that as I weave away!

June 17th, 2017

A nice day for weaving....

Here are a couple of scarves I wove after being inspired by Jane Stafford and her tips on balanced weaves.  They are awaiting hemming!

But on this one I cheated - it has a nice long fringe - no hemming required

These scarves are woven with a 20/2 silk, remnants of past weavings.

I am using up my stash.  For two reasons....

The hopeful one is that I will replace it with new threads and go on weaving
forever and ever..

The other reason is that I don't want any of my children
shaking their head, rolling their eyes
and commenting on parents and their accumulations!
When the time comes...

With this in mind I have been gathering up my containers of wool,
sorting them into piles and colours,
or sometimes jut randomly plying two or three of them together.
Using the Indian Head Spinner, as shown below.

I end up with a lovely variegated warp
which I put on the loom
beamed, threaded, sleyed and tied
and then woven gently with a thinner weft.

Down in the lower left corner Callie sits on the throw
as it comes off the loom..

ah, but when water and washing
does its magic...

This cosy blanket hangs on the back of my chair
to keep Callie and I warm while we snuggle and read.

I am now on my second one

and intend to keep going until all those leftovers have been morphed
into something that will light up the children's eyes!

In the meantime our youngest son, on a trip down
from the Chilcotin,
very kindly put together my Countermarche, in the garage.

Here he is puzzling about what goes where and why.
I love him for doing this!
(amongst other reasons)

For the last ten years it has been resting, all in pieces,
because its User (me) couldn't get her
 knees up and down
to tie up treadles.

I have a DIL who is more supple than I and wants to learn to weave
and I'm not going to let THAT opportunity pass by!!!

My children are all so good to me, and sometimes I wonder how
Charles and I had the wisdom to have six of them
to help us in our ancientness!

God bless him this Fathers' Day!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

W is for Wheelbarrow

ABC Wednesday
June 14th, 2017

The letter is W for Wheelbarrow

A famous poem of imagism by Dr. William Carlos Williams


So much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

More Ws here at ABC Wednesday
with thanks to all who maintain this
interesting and captivating meme