Wednesday, January 12, 2022

January 12th (Wednesday - I had to go to the calendar to see how far into January we had progressed but here we are, on the 12th.) All the early January birthdays are over and we await the ones that pop up in the last two weeks of the month - so many of them. It makes one wonder just what goes on in March and April!!! I have been so remiss in paying attention to the computer, - busy at the loom, and today I gave serious thought to taking up the baking of my own bread.....serious thought, I say. I haven't yet put thought into action, but the idea pleases and intriques me. Maybe tomorrow, - perhaps the sun might shine and I could put the silvery tin bowl full of dough in the sunshine to rise. This is being hopeful, - the sun hasn't shone for any length of time recently, and January is being quite dull and grey, with only a little skiff of snow to brighten up the world. However we have had a few birthdays (mine included) and a few dinners out and celebrations to pass the time until the February thaws and the March winds bring spring, - oh spring! Glorious spring!! I used to love winter when I was young - spent so much time skating, and occasionally toboganning. But now???? Oh now, the sun doesn't shine here like it does on the prairies and the days are inclined to be somewhat gloomy (if mild). And I am much older!!!! That is a factor which one must take into consideration, - I'm sure young people these days enjoy winter as much as I did many years ago. Well, now you know how it is!!! The knees get old and don't know how to manage icy spots that the feet keep getting them into, and one is so happy to have the arm of a child whose hand you used to hold and lead around. I thought about that the other night when I was out for dinner at No. 3 son's, and when it was time to leave I was happy to have the support of my two youngest sons as we glided over the icy spots. All this, of course, makes indoor living the norm, and luckily I am able to find many things that induce pleasure. Lots of books to read and a nice sturdy warp on the loom that inspires all sorts of things to shuttle away at.... I keep thinking of putting a nice linen warp on and weaving a colorful krogback rug for each of the families (you will note that I have forgotten how to spell krogback properly and am using the modern method as spelling it the way it sounds - or maybe you don't know that word and I can get away with my version of spelling it!!!) Oh, when I read this over and consider how many families that would entail, I am not so sure that I have the time available to venture taking this on. Well, if I do, I will let you know!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Up-date, at last..... When I was out for dinner last night, in celebration of our youngest son's sixty-third birthday, I was reminded that I have been very neglectful in keeping this blog up to date, - in recording life daily, - or even weekly. So I must make yet another resolution to pay attention to each day as it passes, and write about how precious it is at this advanced age of 97!!! Well, breakfast awaits, so I will just publish this little reminder and see how well I respond to it!!!!