Wednesday, March 11, 2020

March 11th, 2020

I am nursing a cold!

Not a bad cold, - but not one that I would be happy to pass on, either.

Family who come to say hello stand well back, in the doorway.

Others phone - "How you doing, Mum?  If there anything you need?"

Smart thing to do,  and no, there isn't anything I need.

The flavour that permeates the house comes from the dab of Vicks, 
melting away in a simmering pot.

Every once in a while I get up and go and weave a bit, 
to keep my creative juices flowing.

Otherwise I sit and read, blow my nose, and listen to music!!!

I am well into re-reading Loren Eiseley  (The Immense Journey)

and the music I listen to is anything that comes over the TV music channel.

I would like to once again hear Hauser and Luca on the DVD I have, - 
"Two Cellos"

but I have been there before, - switching around from TV to DVD, 
and it isn't always successful!! 

 I have to be strong and hearty to deal with it if things go wrong!

This is not the morning for it, with the box of kleenex handy, 
the heating pad warm on my back and 
the tea, honey and lemon my favoured beverage.  

I am loath to leave my nest in the easy chair.

A miserable day outside!!

If I have to be in keeping with the weather
this is the day for it!!!!

Tomorrow may be sunny
and perhaps my nose will stop dripping
in concert with the rain outside, today.

Then I will go out in the garden with Bruce and Callie
and see how the daffodils are progressing

and if the crocus are in bloom