Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

An embryo sunrise in the Similkameen

Four minutes later is scribbled across the sky...

The colours grow more dramatic

before the celestial beings start to put their crayons away.

Look to the skies here at Skywatch Friday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday

S is for Summerland

The very name conjures up a most magical place; a perfect home town with orchards and wineries and beaches and sunshine. Situated between Kelowna and Penticton at the south end of Okanagan Lake both Upper and Lower Summerland have grown more sophisticated since I first traveled the narrow windy road from Penticton, past the towering clay cliffs and the Giant's Head that sits atop the town's own mountain.

Summerland is a vibrant, friendly town, rich in early history, artistry and a fine sense of community.

It has a colourful old Steam Engine that takes passengers on two hour jaunts along the old original CPR track that went through Falder, Princeton and on to the Coast. A number of times during the summer the touristy passengers are treated to a wild west Great Train Robbery by a band of friendly outlaws. If you want to be part of this scheduled event Google it, make reservations and join in the fun.

If I wasn't so happy in the Similkameen I could quite nicely live in Summerland, thank you....

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