Friday, March 01, 2019

Weary of Winter

Are you weary of winter?????

Here are a couple of fellows to bring you some relief.

If you forgot to say hello to the White Rabbit

when he arrived

rest easy ---

he is forgiving

and too taken up with the Mach Hare to

give it any thought!!!!

If they don't do the trick

rest your eyes on these lovely flowers

blooming in my garden in the good old summertime.

or on the lilies

that come before them

or the buttercups!!

first sign of spring - out in the woods

or in any meadow!

Take heart -

Spring is just around the corner

lazing up against a tree

until she feels called upon to

gladden our hearts!

I do wish she'd hurry

she'd be such a sweet antidote

for my cabin fever!!!

re my header!

I have such fond memories of the yellow bells

that grew on the hillside

of our farm

and were brought to me

clutched in dear, sweet,

 and loving little hands!!!