Friday, July 15, 2011

More on Moving

There are things in this house that have crept in unbeknown to anyone who resides here, - at least that is the story I hear.  Sometimes the memory is a little shaky and things that have come home in a pocket, or from yard sales, or things that were an attraction have ended up being mislaid and forgotten  anad are now turning up and  either dismaying or delighting us.

Such a one is this hand printed instruction on "How to be an Artist" - it immediately caught my eye at the Bargain Centre, but somehow ended up hidden behind a large desk calendar after I got it home,  and I have only just discovered it again.

It stirs me still, and I would like to share it with you, but now that Blogger has changed
I haven't been able to find the picture re-sizer
so here it is!

How to be an Artist

Stay loose.  Learn to watch snails.
Plant impossible gardens.  Invite
someone dangerous to tea.  Make
little signs that say Yes!  and post them
all over your house.  Make friends
with Freedom and uncertainty.  Look forward 
to dreams.  Cry during movies.  Swing
as high as you can on a swingset, 
by moonlight.  Cultivate moods.  Refuse
to 'be responsible'  Do it for love.
Take lots of naps.  Give money away.
Do it now.  The money will follow.
Believe in magic.  Laugh a lot..
Celebrate every gorgeous moment.
Take moonbaths.  Have wild
imaginings, transformative dreams,
and perfect calm.  Draw on the walls.
Read everyday.  Imagine yourself
magic.  Giggle with children.  Listen 
to old people.  Open up.  Dive in.  Be Free.
Bless yourself.  Drive away fear.
Play with everything.  Entertain
your inner child.  You are innocent.
Build a fort with blankets.  Get wet.
Hug trees.
Write love letters.

© SARK 90

There are lots of free spirits in Cawston, and I believe this appealing sign might
have originated there.
I will take it with us to our new home
 and practice being  wild and carefree and maybe wear purple and run my stick
against the railings....

Thank you to SARK

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ABC Wednesday

Here we are at the end of the alphabet - again.

How could I choose anything else to represent Z except the Zinnia, one of my favourite flowers.

So varied and versatile in the garden - when you plant a bed of Zinnias you are in for the most pleasant surprises.

this painting by Jimmie Trotter 
more information here to view the painting in greeting card format

Rally round for another trip through the alphabet in this great meme started by Mrs. Nesbitt and maintained by Denise and all her helpers.

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Texture Tuesday
The Pink Edition

A June Peony texturized with Kim's Not Too Shabby

Monday, July 11, 2011

This journey to another dwelling is fraught with the most complex emotions.

It is also fraught with lists and time and notions which come and go, and although I hate to wish time away I sometimes think how nice it would be if we were coming to the end of September and were all nicely settled, enjoying the late summer roses and the vivid colours of the chrysanthemums.

This morning we investigated the boxes which had been tucked into the pantry when last we moved six years ago.  There was the silver, wrapped in saran when it was newly polished and still gleaming faintly, - and a box of recipes that I had saved in the early days of my marriage when my cooking was full of enthusiasm.  I refused to throw it away the last time we moved, but time passes and a lot of the inventiveness lives in my mind now - a little creativity comes more naturally and so the contents of the box went into the recycle bag, with hardly a regret.  I believe this to be healthy thinking....

Will anyone want the silver?  Much of it is that forties grape pattern that is such a devil to clean.

Do the young ones have fond memories of the things I thrust upon them, and will they hold them dear?

I must go now and make out a list for tomorrow, - there is that box of crazy quilt pieces to finger and sigh over and perhaps if I leave a little sample square someone will be inspired!

And all the bits and pieces in the bottom drawer of the sewing machine, - the braids and buttons and bias binding, and the satin ribbons and unfinished embroidery.

Did I mention how much nostalgia is involved in this whole business?????

Mirjana Gotovac