Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some October, when the leaves turn gold, ask
me if I've done enough to deserve this life
I've been given.  A pile of sorrows, yes, but joy
enough to unbalance the equation.

When the sky turns blue as the robes of heaven,
ask me if I've made a difference.

The road winds through the copper-coloured woods;
no one sees around the bend.

Today the wind poured out of Canada,
a river in flood, bringing down the brilliant leaves,
broken sticks and twigs, deserted nests.
Go where the current takes you.

Some twilight, when the clouds stream in from the west
like the breath of God, ask me again.

Barbara Crooker

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ABC Wednesday
The letter is N, today

N for Narcissus

I have just tucked in dozens of bulbs for spring, planting them in drifts to make a beautiful picture of yellow waves, tossing in the spring breezes with welcoming nods of their golden heads.  Nice picture to imagine as we say goodbye to autumn and head into winter......

But speaking of winter, my favourite Narcissus is the Paper White, which for all my life has meant Christmas to me.  On my last stop at Knapp's plantland the paper whites were not yet on the shelves, but a kind helper went into the storage room and brought me two dozen bulbs.  I will pot them on December 1st (along with the help of the White Rabbit who visits on that day..) and will look forward to them being in bloom for Christmas Eve.

Lots of other references to "Narcissus", including Ethelbert Nevin's lovely recital show piece for piano........

And of course the poor sad fellow of Greek Mythology, who fell in love with his own reflection in the waters of a spring, ignoring Echo, the nymph, who sat by enticingly.  He pined away and died, and the flower that bears his name sprang up on the spot.

For more great Ns visit here at ABC Wednesday with thanks
to Roger, Denise and all the Nice helpers who come around to read your posting.