Friday, June 24, 2016

The Twelve Bar Blues

Friday, the 24th of June, 2016
as I pick up the Ukulele at the breakfast table
and practice the 12 Bar Blues......

Well, concerning the Ukulele, this is what I might aspire to if I were twenty years younger.....

....but this is what I aspire to now!!!

........and in reality, - here is where I am in my quest to entertain myself with the ukulele!!!

you can stop listening after the illustration.....

I chose this particular video to learn finger picking because the young man who teaches is so articulate and defines his words with the kind of clarity
an ancient pupil requires!

There are oodles of videos 
and all sorts of teachers
but many of them have had no lessons in diction
and I find their mumbles and slurry instructions
beyond my ken, alas, alas.....
sweet as they are!

Bruce looks at me quizzically when I pick up the Uke
tapping my foot while I try to keep the rhythm going as I slide 
awkwardly from chord to chord.

Callie just ignores this strange behavior.....

When I come to the end of the 12 bar blues I add the little connecting bit
with a flourish, - I have it down pat and it sounds quite jaunty, 

It adds a little zest to life....

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

X for Xystus

ABC Wednesday
June 22, 2016

The letter is X for Xystus

A new word to me, but though its origins go back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire the name has been captured by a modern Dutch band, and it seems to me it is popular in this generation as a symbol for good health, positivity, exercise and well being.

Xystus, in its ancient useage, was defined as a long and open portico used especially by ancient Greeks or Romans for athletic exercises in wintry or stormy weather, or sometimes a walk,
 lined with trees.

In early Christian times Saint Xystus was a Pope who was chosen upon the death of St. Stephen
in 257, - the 25th from St. Peter

He was described as a peaceable and excellent prelate.

But now, in modern times, we find the name Xystus attached to a Dutch Band...

Formed in 1998 the band is described as Progressive Power Metal, but more Melodic.

The third album they released was a Rock Opera, Equilibrio

and here is one of the songs from the Opera (The Pact)
for those of you who are into heavy metal

(and I do not mean to be critical - just the wrong generation to appreciate it fully)

For more Xs cross over here to ABC Wednesday
with thanks to Roger, Denise, and all their xoxoxo helpers