Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June 10th 2020

A slightly despairing June day.  The clouds are grey and lowering, and the dampness echos in my bones.

I go from one thing to another, - a bobbin of boucle woven into the towels I am making on the loom  - a page or two read out of the Chris Arthur essays I am reading (Hummingbirds Between the Pages) a second cup of coffee and I turn on the '40's music I am listening to on Serius Radio.  The memories it arouses are tender and poignant.

Days like this urge one to follow the call from the kitchen to busy oneself with making  pies, or cookies, or cake - filling the kitchen with appealing odours and the cookie jar with chocolate chips!!  However, days like this also discourage one from standing at the kitchen counter measuring out the ingredients, and my back aches at the thought!

Things are o.k. in the garden - rather at a standstill until the sun starts shining again.  A few golden petals are starting to come out, and the Monada is about to scatter it's lovely shaggy blooms throughout the garden.  What is really looking quite beautiful, even in this damp and shadowy weather, is the white rose we planted over Callie's grave - and the Honeysuckle, smelling divine.

I see that the sun has deigned to appear and I shall pull up the blind and let its rays encourage the day!  Is it here to stay or is this just a teasing glimpse????

In any case I shall continue with the day, - maybe go and pour a cup of coffee and read a bit - and if the sun doesn't suddenly disappear Bruce and I will go and pull a few weeds and try to make our way through the jungle that the garden is becoming, out the back to the rhubarb.

I have a few strawberries left and a ball of pastry in the freezer that is just enough to make a rhubarb and strawberry pie!!!