Monday, March 20, 2017

K is for a Kangaroo

ABC Wednesday
March 22, 2017

The letter is K for KANGAROO

The unofficial symbol of Australia

A marsupial animal
whose numbers reach over 
thirty-four million
in the harvest areas of Australia.

There are little kangaroos
who are called 'wallabies'

and even smaller kangaroos
who are called 'wallaroos'

but the regular kangaroo has large powerful hind legs, 
large feet adapted for leaping (tall buildings?)
a long, muscular tail for balancing
and a small head.

Also a pouch
in which the female carries her 'joey'.(baby)

Do you know the definition of a "Kangaroo word"?

It is a playful term for a word that carries within it a synonym of itself
such as regulate (rule) or indolent (idle) or encourage (urge)

it is also known as a marsupial or swallow word, but the term
kangaroo word was popularized by author Ben O'Dell.

here are some other examples
destruction - (ruin)
devilish (evil)
observe (see)
Masculine (male)
plagiarist (liar)

some kangaroo words have multiple "joeys"

perambulate, ramble and amble
container, can and tin
deteriorate, rot and die
routine, rote and rut
chariot, car and cart

can you think of any others....???
a good word game

and here is a nice little poem by Edward Lear
about The Duck and the Kangaroo
to amuse your tired brain.

for more ks visit here at ABC Wednesday
with thanks to those who maintain 
this entertaining meme.