Thursday, July 30, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Spectacular Skies in the Similkameen

So many magnificent evening shows I hardly know where to start....

A week ago today, on Thursday, July 23rd, the curtain rose with subtle lights on the hills of the Cawston Basin...

and the setting sun tipped the face of K Mountain.

Five minutes later the eastern sky was a fiery cauldron...

On the 24th a lovely rainbow reached up and pulled the curtain on a more mellow sunset.

First an angelic sky....

followed by the lovely pastels of a fair weather summery sky.

Squint your eyes a little and look at the cloud-clown who stood off a little to the north and watched for the moon floating languidly amongst the clouds in the south.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday

B is for Ballad and B is for Blues

Here is the Blues Ballad played by Theo Burke, courtesy of The Hills Blues Collective.

Summery Days

I'm here to tell you, nobody needs to complain about a miserable summer!! What we are having is a hot, hot, lie on the beach season. If you are past that time of life and an afternoon on the beach is too much to cope with, then find a shady spot, a blanket and a good book!

Around this house we rise early and open up the house for an hour or two, hoping to catch the coolness of the early morning. I push a few buttons, - the coffee pot, the computer - and then Caspar and I go walking....

Sometimes there is a freshness in the air, but for the last few days, when the heat has been intense during most of the day, there lingers in the morning just a trace of yesterday's oppressive warmth. Nevertheless, today started with a refreshing walk, - an exciting encounter with three humming birds exhilarated by their first sips of the day from the feeders, and coolness through the garden path where the sprinklers had been running all night.

Charles works outside until lunchtime, - I can't make it past coffee time at ten o'

The garden sighs with pleasure as the sprinkler turns lazily, and it is on its own until evening.

The afternoon is for reading and napping; maybe tidying a drawer or two; looking through old photographs to pin up on three newly acquired poster boards.

A little conversation; plans to cut up some old silk blouses into ribbons for weaving when the trailer/loom room is cooler. (An enchanting occupation, - the colours are brilliant and the silk feels cool and crisp, - and besides, it is a plan of long standing and I feel virtue with each long length of ribbon cut.....)

I am re-reading Rose Macauley, and a new to me Canadian author, Susanna Kearsley. Her award winning book "The Winter Sea" tells the story of a dark time in Scottish history when in 1708 an invasion fleet of French and Scottish soldiers were foiled in their attempt to land the exiled James Stewart as the rightful King of Scotland. There is the usual romance, and a touch of the supernatural, - captivating and just right for summer reading.

And then it's 'happy hour'.

The days come one by one, and bring their own charm. The house is cool, and the hours pass is good!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silent Sunday

This evening's skies, and a flower or two...

Amen, Amen, Amen.
And perhaps an Alleluia!!!!!