Monday, December 16, 2013

CHRISTMAS WINDOWS from AM&A's Buffalo, NY in Lancater 2008

ABC Wednesday

The letter is W for Christmas WINDOWS

A video of a lovely old fashioned Christmas Window above, but here below are some wonderful examples of more modern and sophisticated displays to delight and attract buyers to some of the large departmental stores in New York, London and Paris.

At Harrods, depicting the English Steam Train

and at Lord and Taylor's in New York

at Macy's

 and Tiffany's

a simple nativity scene that surely depicts
the true meaning of Christmas -
not sure if it is in any Christmas Window
but it would be a stunning reminder!

For more great interpretations of the letter W wander on over to ABC Wednesday, found here
With thanks to Roger, Denise and a host of wonderful helpers.

I wish you happiness at Christmas, - an abundance of joy!

Peace and many blessings.....