Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Post Script

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

A Post Scrip to my previous "Loom" post.....

While leafing through the last edition of the magazine "Handwoven" looking for something which would reinforce my thoughts on using a fine white linen as warp for a silk weft, - (both yarns that languish in the top drawer of my left-overs), I came to the last page, "Endnotes".

The article, by Benjamin Krudwig, tells how he was originally drawn to be a weaver, based on the official reason and "one that covers the deeper question of why I started" weaving.

"There is also a metaphorical reason why I love weaving. 
 It is one of the greatest metaphors for life.  
We create this beautiful and unique piece of art called life, seemingly out of nothing - 
weaving relationships, experiences, and stories into a fabric 
that when viewed as a whole, becomes something. 

 We are stronger together than we are apart, 
and each of us is an integral part of this world, this community, and this life. 
 Each thread gives character to the entire fabric."

It is an ancient metaphor... many have compared weaving to life.
some in more poetic words,
but this young man is only in his twenties
and his words did give my spirit a lift.....

Ancient picture of Greek Ladies weaving a tapestry

and a moment of togetherness in the Loom Room

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

L is for Loom

ABC Wednesday
March 29th, 2017

The letter is L  for  LOOM

This is a Nilus LeClerc four shaft LOOM...

I have been "looming"  (WEAVING) on a loom like this for a long, long time and as a consequence have gathered an incredible amount of wool, which sometimes wakens me in the night with thoughts of whatever will I do with all that yarn!!!!

Well, here is what I did recently with a very small portion of my stash!!!

 I gathered a little pile of balls together, - chose three or four whose colours cosied up to one another and plied them through the Indian Head spinner, - then went back and chose some more, and then some more... until I had enough to create a happy warp.

I closed the LOOM room door so Callie the cat couldn't come in to assist me, - wound the warp, beamed it on the LOOM, threaded and sleyed the ends, and started to weave.

Callie and I (she sits beside me on the LOOM bench) finished off the warp in grand style, removed it from the LOOM and had that piece of fabric in the lower left corner of the picture, which Callie is inspecting for errors and places that need ends clipped and tucked!!!

Time to do the finishing bit, - washing and pressing and a little brushing!

By this time I was getting quite weary, but the light in the tunnel at the end sped me on, and we finished just before a late supper.......

 I am quite pleased, and have in my mind great plans for a couple of cones of linen and a few half balls of silk to make a pretty summer scarf.....

I love my LOOM - Callie loves my LOOM, - and who knows, someday I may get my lovely 8 shaft countermarche set up somewhere and weave on it to my heart's content!!

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