Thursday, January 17, 2019

This and That

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

The sun shone yesterday and I was inspired to write a blog

but not so inspired that I ACTUALLY did it...

I was fiddling about, playing the piano (no violins or ukuleles involved)

with the front door wide open, to let in the sun,

when a delivery man arrived with a brown paper parcel, -

the 2018 edition of Daybyday

I must say a very thin volume,

only sixty-four pages

and some of them taken up with pictures!!

Between the book and the sun I was quite chuffed,

but then the sun, which skims the top of K Mountain

slid behind an outcropping at the top of the mountain,

and alas, the day dimmed.

It had been such a lovely change to have sunshine!!

We have been in the grip of an Inversion

for a few days -

pewter skies stretching right down

to the ankles of said K Mountain

When we first moved to this area of the country

we established (along with other veterans)

an orchard five or six miles to the south,

in sunny Cawston.

The valley is much wider there.

We lived at the foot of the mountain

and sometimes in the hot, hot summer

that boiling old sun stayed with us

until almost ten o'clock!!!!

However, on the whole it was as wonderful experience.

Perfect place to raise a family,

as our children will attest.

Further, to the west, the valley narrows.

The village of Keremeos is located there

along the Similkameen River

and under the watchful eye of

K Mountain.

We had this lovely feeling of superiority

(more sunshine in Cawston)

and although we felt pity for Keremeosites

we vowed we would never, never, never live there!!!

Shopping, yes, - but to live there!!!!!

Oh well, fate has a way of 

upsetting anybody's applecart, and living on an apple orchard

we were well equipped with applecarts!!!

When we first  moved to Keremeos we were on the outskirts.

We found a lovely piece of property.

Three acres - room for a spacious and beautiful garden,

and a meadow to rent out to horse enthusiasts.

Most importantly we were west of K Mountain.

We lived there for eighteeen years -

a wonderful home for us at that stage of the game.

Five bedrooms to house visiting grandchildren,

room for two looms and a pool table and fireplace

in the elevated basement.

Just heaven!!!

Eventually, as we got older and past the young retiree stage

we moved to a sweet home on a son's back pasture.

We started a new garden -

Charles nurtured some crooked willow cuttings

and planted a marvelous driveway

which provided privavy and shade.

But somehow fate had his finger upon us

and eventually, through the kindness of another dear son and DIL

here we are in Keremeos!!!

Nice home, - great garden - good neighbors,

and close to all necessities

Perfect place to be in those aging years

that limit one's mobility!

despite K mountain in the winter...

Soon the sun will be high enough to avoid all

the mountainous projections

and it will be sunshine all the way!!!!

It is snowing today..

first just a skiff, but now quite heavily.

K Mountain hides behind the cloud that covers her...

right down to the ankles!!!

I am putting in time trying to increase the weight

of the 2019 volume

of Daybyday