Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Farewell to June

  • What is so rare as a day in June?
James Russell Lowell asks the question, and one can only say, June is the rarest month of all, and never, in all the other months, will you find a "perfect day".   as you will in June ----- if you are aware and alert to the beauty that surrounds you, as nature awakens and the earth stirs and all the greenery and the summer flowers take over that bare brown earth that was the sleeping garden.

Oh gosh, I am getting carried away, but the garden has been so lovely this past month and I have found such pleasure in all the flowers that bloomed, - one after the other as the month moved on.  I have to admit it is a bit of a jungle in spots where the plants are revved up, and I have not be diligent enough to go about thinning the extra stalks and greenery.

Right now the Bee Balm is raising it's lovely scruffy red head above the creamy yellow lilies that are just starting to bloom, and they wave around in the summer breeze amongst the golden daisy-like flowers (that I don't know the name of),  There are other beautiful pink lilies across the way in the eastern bed, and beside them the Shasta daisies are in their glory - they are such nice, dependable daisies, and last so long in the garden, - and in the house when I bring in a bouquet.

I am hoping to post a few photos but I find myself at odds with this new way of posting a blog - the icons are all so unfamiliar and they don't seem to respond to my urgent clicks, so at this point I have not been able to access any pretty pictures!!!

I will keep trying but I find it very frustrating as bedtime looms, and I have been up since six a.m. (which is my usual time of rising because the morning hours have always been so precious to me, and a great time to ponder and plan).

I digress!!  I will go and click on those two peaks and see if any photos come up, - and if so I am able to manipulate them on to this page!!

Yes, yes!!!  I am beginning to be hopeful!

Seven a.m. in the morning.  Everything froze up last night, - I think it was the White Rabbit pretending to be The Trickster.

I have decided to post this as it is, and get on with the day.  (Which is cool and promising to be a good day at the loom).....