Sunday, September 02, 2018


"The breezes taste of apple peel
The air is full of smells to feel -
Ripe fruit, old footballs, burning brush
New books, erasers, chalk and such

Like plates washed clean with suds, the days
Are polished with a morning haze."

John Updike

I have always loved September.

When I was young it was the first day of school
and one never knew what the year would bring.....
excitement, and challenges,
learning and expansion of life.

When I was middling young,
Mum to a family,
the start of the school year
held a whole new concept..

the children off to school,
and Mum looking for ways 
to fill her days...

Well, now I am oldish,
and the words of
Autumn Leaves mist my eyes
(I miss you most of all,my darling
when autumn leaves start to fall)
I am still looking for ways
to fill my days.

Grateful for the looms...
I was taken with the idea of a collapsible scarf
and so I wound the warp
and here are the results

driven to see what the magic
of water would do to this warp
I spent far too many hours
for an ancient lady
and so today I resolved 
to make it a day of rest, more or less!

Callie and I went wandering in the garden
(Bruce is too restless to wander)
and we found lovely evidences of autumn
about to descend upon us....

The autumn crocus, and the asters

The lovely orange lanterns that follow us from garden to garden

and the Sedum, which promises to lighten up
the corner of the garden
where it lives.

I found this sweet Hellebore, just starting to bloom

and evidence of the fall crop of raspberries
to store away in the freezer
to make winter breakfasts
reminiscent of summer mornings

the peony leaves speak of autumn colours

as does the mountain ash, liberally burdened
with glowing berries

the last of the honeysuckle, the bee balm and the phlox

but look, the cleome has bloomed this year...

and the nicotiana lends its beautiful fragrance to
September evenings

like the occasional small violets that spring up, thinking
April has arrived
the quince bush shares its fruit
with a small twig of that beautiful blossom
that makes it such a delight in the spring.

A sweet morning to welcome September,
but now I see it is lunchtime.

A tomato sandwich
and a bowl of peaches and cream!!

Will you join me......