Saturday, January 12, 2019

Journaling and Blogging

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

A few days ago I received a reminder from Blog2Print that it was getting time

 for me to push the necessary keys

 to allow them to print

 the diminished number of blogs I have written during the last year, 

and after a little consideration and review of the small offering 
I had for them I thought, 

what the heck - I have done it for the last ten years, 

(and I have enjoyed reading them, occasionally,

 stirring the ashes of my memory into a lovely warm spark) 
so why not continue!

The clouds rolled away and the sun shone in the window this afternoon. 

I had finished my "two bobbins a day" task on the Glimakra (loom) and threaded the LeClerc, 

and I was weary of bending over,

so I indulged myself, and Callie, 

who came to sit with me, and had a little nap!  

Well, that didn't last long, - the phone rang and nudged me from my indolence, 

and after I had attended to that 

I remembered my newly made resolution about reading

 and I looked askance at Chris Arthur's book of Essays that was lying on the table, 

and that I am re-reading (Irish Nocturnes - highly recommended).  

It seemed to require more earnest attention than I was prepared to give it

on this lazy Saturday afternoon, 

so I turned instead to one of the BlogtoPrint books on the shelf,

and prepared to lose myself  in sentimental reminiscence!!

The book I chose, randomly, covered the years 2009 and 2010, 

- that lovely time before I lived alone  

while Charles and I were still in the house on the hill 

and we could see up and down the valley as it stretched to the west and the southeast, 

- when I was still writing blogs for ABC Wednesday 

and Sky Watch Friday, 

and life was just so full of wonderful companionship.

As I read, those happy days swept me away into a lovely reverie,

 and I'm not sure if Gratitude at having lived them, 

or Regret that they were in the past, 

never to be experienced again, 

was the strongest emotion I felt. 

 But probably Gratitude!!!

This is a wonderful way to Journal.

Complete with pictures,

accounts of daily doings

and occasionally how you felt about things,

carefully expressed!!!

It behooves me to add another Resolution,

Blog more often in 2019....

even though life has changed

there is still so much to be aware of.


Morning's Minion said...

I've intended to have my blogs made into book form, but felt I must go back to the beginning and edit for typos and misspellings, thus I've never gotten farther than thinking about it.
As sparse as were my Grampa Mac's entries in the diaries kept for decades, I can still be transported in time and place by reading at random.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I have thought often about printing my blog, but have never done so. I think I’ll look into Blog2Print. You (more than almost anybody I know in blogland) certainly still do have so much of interest and much joy, even though it is a different kind, certainly. Thank you for sharing it!

Hill Top Post said...

I have the Chris Arthur book on my list, but if given the choice between it and your Journal, it would be your words that would open up in my hands.

Barb said...

Hildred, as usual you give me so much to think about. I believe printing your blog is important. I often look back on mine to see what was going on so many years ago. I love these lines:

As I read, those happy days swept me away into a lovely reverie,

and I'm not sure if Gratitude at having lived them,

or Regret that they were in the past,

never to be experienced again,

was the strongest emotion I felt.

But probably Gratitude!!!