Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Off to the grocery store early this morning,  
we are still in holiday mode.
The traffic is all going in opposite directions as everyone heads home -
or if not home along the road to their next destination.

Today is a tad cooler.
Yesterday was a scorcher....
About ten-thirty we made our way to the big car show
being held in the park, just a block away.

Me with my cane
and Charles on his cart!!

It was about 35 degrees Celsius when we left
and when we returned  a couple of hour later it was well over40!

All sorts of wonderful old cars and proud owners

and I wondered why we hadn't the foresight to hang on to the 1932
Chevy Roadster complete with rumble seat and wire wheels -
our first car after Charles returned from the war, and we were married.

(This was VJ day, hence the cigarette and the bottle of scotch and the smiling face)

We wandered around, admiring the shine and polish as well as the mechanical restoration.

It got hotter, and hotter, and hotter, and my legs called out "enough, enough"!!!!

So we adjourned to the Legion, where they were serving beer and hot dogs,
hamburgers and leftover cold meat and buns from the big Elvis celebration the night before.

I don't often drink beer, but on this occasion it would be hard to describe the wonderful cooling
effect it had upon me, and how
it changed my mood from one of
desperation to pure pleasure!!!


Charles had his usual Scotch, and then we indulged
in a hot dog with all the trimmings.

We saluted all the young and vibrant people who were still sweltering at the Car Show
and took a short cut home behind the Roman Catholic Church.

We had seen the cars, and talked to friends.
The house was cool, and the lay-back chairs seduced us
into having a nap!

Lovely day...


Penny said...

Sounds lovely, out and about, meeting friends and those lovely cars. Then a good way to finish it all off.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It was a perfect day Hildred! We like car shows for those same nostalgic reasons. And agree .. the only time I like a beer is when it is way too hot outside. (We are originally from Eastern Washington and summer temps would often be over 100 F....back in the no air conditioner days... yep, a beer tasted good.

Wanda..... said...

You may not have kept the 1932 Chevy Roadster, but what a wonderful photo of it and Charles! The heat would have influenced my time at the park too, but my grandson Andrew would have stayed as long as possible viewing the cars.

Morning's Minion said...

We also love vintage cars and pick-up trucks. It seems to be a given that car shows happen in the hottest weather.

Gigi Ann said...

Sounds like you two had a wonderful time at the car show. I noticed one in our area, I think the same day, but as we arrived they were leaving, so I only got one picture of one of the old cars, somewhat like the one you have in your picture. You can find mine here on my photo blog...