Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Ego

Where does the Ego go to languish and brood after one has given it early retirement?

And what causes it to pop back into tentative activity at the least provocation? e.g. why do I feel that I can crochet 10 yards of filet lace for an altar cloth in the space of six summer weeks? Why does my husband, at 82, and only mobile in a scooter, feel that he must take the leaking hoses off the tractor he treasures and replace them - requiring him to take the whole of the top part of the tractor apart?

For that matter, why, in heaven's name, am I indulging my
self by writing a blog??

Am I in truth just saying to my Ego "Go and rest somewhere dearie - I'll call you when I need you"!

I have discovered in the last year that the only way to retire oneself from being the be all and end all (at least in one's own mind) is to live a life that is no longer ego-driven. That way lies happiness? Boredom? Nirvana ? (foreign concept to a cradle Anglican)

I will go and ponder this concept a bit as I tidy the kitchen.

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NicolaJean said...

Mum ~ Thank you! What a delight it is (and will be) to pop in and read your musings day by day. With much love, Nicola.