Tuesday, July 21, 2020

This hot, hot day....

Fishing and other things to do on a hot, hot day!!! Our oldest son and our youngest son went up into the mountains to fish today, and they will be enjoying the coolness of the lake and the greenery surrounding it.  
Here it is hot!

 The thermometer said 45 degrees C on the porch, where the morning sun was shining.and it still says 45 degrees although the sun has moved further to the west and is not broiling the immediate vicinity. I just went and poured some gingerale,fizzing on a couple of ice cubes, - just the sound of it made me feel cooler!! Before I brought it in to sip I held my wrists over the sink under the cold running water, and it reminded me of by-gone summer days we spent on the Cawston Bench with all the rest of the Veterans who had settled there, along with all the resulting children! It was not the thing to stay home and swelter, when we were young- there was far too much going on during the summer months, and too many young ones needing adult supervision and participation, - but I can remember holding my wrists under the cold water in the Community Hall, and the little cool respite it provided before going back into the fray!!!

 I am one of those weird people who do not sweat, and not having my own little air conditioning helper I am inclined to get quite hot and bothered when the thermomenter passes 30C 

The house is lovely and cool. The AC is working away valiantly and I have three hardy fans blowing the hot air into something moving breezily, rather than settling in stolid heat. 

 This morning I rose early (as is usual when the weather is warm, warm, warm) and even before I had breakfast I snaffled the two bananas on the counter that were getting soft and spotted and morphed them into some delectable muffins. Then I quickly turned off the oven and decided that was it for baking today, at least.

 I heard a rumour that there might be showers tomorrow, but my SIL squashed my hopes by saying he had heard officially that tomorrow would be just as hot as today!! Despite the heat the garden is blooming with great abandonment, and if I can snatch a few pictures from my Ipad I will show you...... My regular camera needs a new Flash Card, and confined as I am to home, and the restrictions this pandemic has placed upon traveling, I foresee going without one for a little while. 

Callie's white rose is doing beautifully, = climbing up a garden cone, and despite a horde of red mites all the yellow flowers are flourishing. Especially the Barn Flowers that are taller than all the rest and wave gracefully in any breeze that might favour us!!

 Well, I will try to retrieve a few photos....this new Blogger really baffles me and I have to apologize for shortened lines and odd paragraphs....and I can't find an icon that indicates photos!!(sigh) oh yes, there it is!


Penny said...

Sorry it is so hot, on the whole I am enjoying our winter although we need more rain, very odd, lots in June and hardly any in July. Love your garden photos, it looks stunning.

Ruth said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I hope you do get some rain soon as they're getting pretty thirsty by now. Our crops are suffering for lack of rain.

If you're like me, you may have allowed poor photos to remain on your camera card instead of deleting them to begin with. If that's the case, you can delete some of them to give you more space until you can get a new card. (I doubt anyone anywhere is like me!!)

Ellen D. said...

It has been very hot here too. Makes me feel lazy and lethargic. Your gardens like it, tho! Lovely!

Barb said...

Sorry to brag, but still cool here. I'm wearing long sleeves because it's rainy and the dimmed light makes it seem cooler. I also have a fire going! I do remember days when the children were young of running icy water over my wrists and arms in the hopes of some coolness. Your red Monarda is really flourishing. My purple is on its second bloom - if I deadhead, it seems to rejuvenate and bloom again. I like your mosaic of photos.