Saturday, July 25, 2020

Friday, July 24th, 2020

It is evening, and the thermometer has gone down a few degrees.

There is a slight breeze,  a VERY slight breeze but enough to encourage me to open the house to the faint flutter of the leaves - windows and doors open, - all the fans on low, but whirring persistently.  How one welcomes the evening coolness after a hot, summer afternoon.

Mornings are lovely.  Bruce and I were out early and I had my "Begone-Thrip/Mite Sprayer" tucked in the walker basket, all set to do battle with the bugs.  I started with the lovely white climber rose that marks Callie's grave and went on to hopefully demolish all the red mites that were crawling up the stems of the yellow daisies (I may have written about this skirmish before, as it seems to be a daily occurrence!)

Bruce disappeared back into the house, and I sat for while and enjoyed the garden and the summery hills that have not yet turned brown and sere.  I snipped a few lilies to take back into the house, and some of the lovely perennial sweet peas that make up for their lack of scent with gorgeous shades of mauve and rose and cream.

Saturday, July 25th, 2020
8.15 a.m.

Lovely visitor interruption, and now it's morning - cool and pleasant and the bathroom smells of lilies.  Good world - take it as it is and enjoy because Monday they say the temperature is planning to rise to 36 degrees C!!!!!

Woke early, - had a delicious bowl of fresh peaches with toast, for breakfast.  Brought back many memories - some wonderful memories of peach upside down cakes and fruit, fresh off the trees, with the delicious juice running down your chin as you bite into them.  Other memories not so pleasant of being tired and sweaty and covered in peach fuzz as we picked for the market and the packing house.  A shower was always a must!!!!!

What a wonderful surprise to open the door and find it cooler this morning.  Before I had breakfast I stopped by the Glimakra (loom) and did some sleying so that later in the day I can tie on and weave a bit.  Will it stay cool, - if so I will dust and mop and weave, - ---   If the sun decides to descend upon us and the temperature rises I will find a cool spot with some lemonade and a book.....

Off to the garden to inspect the stems of the yellow daisies, and hopefully the dead mites and aphids that should be clinging to them.....

It should be cool and refreshing in the garden this morning, - inviting for morning coffee and a little session with the current book - a re-read of the Language of God.  I would enjoy a McCall-Smith but that would have to be a re-read too, as I await the publishing of his new book.

On the other hand I am inspired to tuck these peaches into a pie and make a chocolate cake to to with them......

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Ellen D. said...

You do keep busy! The heat where I live has made me feel lazy and I have been staying inside while I read a lot. I have to get motivated, tho, to do chores and get back to some projects... Maybe tomorrow...