Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Wednesday in the first week of May, 2020

Woke to rain falling on the neighbours work shed, which lies beside my open bedroom window, on the other side of the fence.....

A lovely sound, and when I rose to click the red button on the coffee pot, and call Bruce for his morning adventure through the little dog door, I caught that wonderful whiff of wet grass, and the rain was dripping happily down through the hole in the eaves, outside the kitchen window.

Our first really serious rain of the season, and one that was welcome by all, humans, plants, grasses and trees - all luxuriating in this wonderful dampness and cloudy skies.....

Even without the rain the garden has been leaping forward with great bounds, - peonies in bud, the quince in blossom,

the single white peony which blooms early

and the wild violets with just one thought in their little blossomless heads - to take over the garden, and make it their's, - all theirs!

However, they have been thwarted by an earnest attention to weeding, and hopefully even the rain won't lend them the vigour to push all the plants aside and fly their own flag!!!

I took advantage of the indoor weather and made for the loom room, where I am putting together a collapsible scarf - red silk, and various shades of wool,  that I trust will shrink and cause the silk to balloon.

Unfortunately my back is not as valiant as it once was, and weaving is an off and on again thing, - not a whole day's endeavour as it once was.

I have reached the part of the scarf that will go around the neck, making it wholly of wool so that it will shrink into a nice warm woolly section.  Time for lunch, and maybe a little nap!!!

The rain has stopped, - after getting all the garden cushion seats good and wet,  but the clouds still linger, and I can look forward to another hour or two on the loom before it's time to think of supper.
Fish and chips I venture, - it's not Friday, but my sweet and accommodating DIL shopped for me this morning, and brought home a lovely bit of cod.

It has been such a long time since I have been in our local grocery shop!  The result of growing old, no longer having a driver's license, the new rules at the store regarding Covid19, and the wonderful generosity of my children who between them seem to manage to do all my shopping and provide me with everything that's needed.

The sky begins to clear a little...

Perhaps tomorrow will be a garden day, - in the meantime, back to the loom!!!!


Morning's Minion said...

I have been gardening whenever the spells of rain have let me. Our 'backs' are not what they used to be and I find that rather astonishing!
White single peonies are lovely--a wonderful contrast to the fluff and puff of the red or pink in my garden.
It is good to have rainy day projects--or a good book.

Hill Top Post said...

The scarf is gorgeous! I love the colors. How wonderful it is to awaken to the sounds of rain. As I say so often, "Rain is such a blessing."

Country Cottage said...

Dear Hildred, I so look forward to your posts, you have such a wonderful outlook and cheer me no end. You are an inspiration. Thank you.