Monday, May 04, 2020

This and That

It's been that kind of a day....

I did some hemming on the towels just off the loom; 

struggled with the cutch grass that is growing up around the perennial sweet peas; 
made some scones; 

wrote a letter; 

paid  the monthly bills

and planted the lettuce and herb plants that I bought at the garden store on Saturday!!!

That was quite an adventure, - 

one shared with our youngest son 

who kindly and cheerfully accompanied me to Don and Anna's Greenhouses, 

as I mentioned in my last post, 

and where I tried very hard not to be overly indulgent,

 but came home with three boxes of tender plants, 

besides Callie's rosebush.....

  Lots of white and purple alyssum and a few pots of marigolds,

 some evening scented stock, 

a bit of blue flax 

and that other plant (whose name escapes me right now)

 that is small and borderlike and has the most brilliant tiny blue flowers.

  Oh, and some zinnias!  All different colours. 

 Some lemon balm, and a few daisylike  plants 

for the big green pot that sits out the back.

I didn't get any geraniums

and there were no nicotiana plants available

but I bought some seed

in hopes that I can plant a pot to put beside

the back patio swing

to scent the night air.

May continues to be the fairest of months...

still sunny, warm and breezy

and lots of birds around...

It's hard to stay


what with the scent of the blossoms

and the tenderness of the new green leaves


Penny said...

You will be busy planting all those plants.

Ellen D. said...

My goodness, you did buy a lot of plants! Well, you made the trip worthwhile by getting it all at once. Your gardens are lovely and you have more energy than me when it comes to taking care of them. Well done!

Barb said...

Your days are full, and you get so much accomplished. I told Bob that I want lots and lots of colorful container plants this year, and then I realized we'd have to go someplace and get them... Still too much snow here to even think about plants, though I did see some dirt showing at one of the beds in the front, and the succulents are growing as they emerge from the snow. Stay well, Hildred and enjoy your new plants.