Friday, May 08, 2020

Thursday May 7th, 2020

'Thursday is the day my daughter and I

set aside for "Happy Hour"

and a catch up of all the foregoing week's gossip

and news!!

A couple of glasses of Hochtaller for her

and a snifter of Apricot Brandy for me

(cut with ginger ale!)

It's a happy hour that I anticipate with pleasure.

It's only an hour and soon it is supper time

and she is off down the hallway and out the back door

across the lane to where she lives......

As she went down the hall the loom room caught her attention...

and the empty LeClerc!!!!

"I suppose you'll be re-dressing it soon,"

she remarked dryly..  and of course I will!!!|

but first I must do the fringing on the silk and wool scarf

I just took off, - before I can wash it

and treat it to that wonderful magic that water and a

 good soaping accomplish.

This is a collapsing  plain weave scarf

and though it comes off the loom looking like any other

piece of handwoven material

after a dunking in some warm water and 

a hearty squeezing and squishing in the soapy water

the magic works, and lo, the wool shrinks and causes the rest

to balloon out in wonderful clouds of delicate silk.

I have made these scarves before, and they are a delight....

but before I can indulge myself squishing and squeezing

I must finish the fringing or those bits of warp

that dangle at both ends of the scarf,

will be tangled, instead of 'dangled'.

I will capture some pictures to share the magic!!!

Probably one time I would stay up all night

to finish a project,

but alas those days are gone, and I can hear my mother,

admonishing me to leave the sewing,

go to bed, and finish in the morning.

And of course, Mothers know best|!!!

Here is the scarf as it came off the loom.....

plain weave, and nothing fancy.

The borders and the blue and pink stripes are wool,

 and will shrink.

but not the scarlet silk.

washed, soaped and bubbled

still as red, but the camera was shy

and stuck with the faded colour!!


I am pleased with the actual scarf, even

if it didn't photograph well!!


Ruth said...

It must feel wonderful in the hand - and around the neck! Such a beautiful piece of handwork, way beyond my small abilities. God bless you! How gratifying it must be to see the outcome of all your efforts and tenacity. Long may you weave!!♥ I love the colors.

Morning's Minion said...

Interesting to see that beautiful planned result from the combination of wool and silk. In the years when I made many tailored garments of wool [and lived in New England where there was a goodly stretch of winter for wearing wool] I enjoyed the fact that it could be steamed and shaped. Not so pleasant was the need for dry cleaning to avoid shrinkage.
You've created a lovely scarf!

Penny said...

Stay safe.