Friday, April 17, 2020

April 17th, 2020

Alas, alas - nothing done today

nothing of any consequence, anyway!

I sat around reading mail and looking for pictures

to send to my niece in Washington

while my DIL who so kindly does handy things

with my vacuum cleaner

made the floors shine and the rugs became crumbless.

I found a few pictures of cousins

and cousins' offspring

and sent them off with the promise

to keep "pictures" in mind when family

comes once again to visit.

This evening I have been looking through seed catalogues,

anticipating a little planting spree when my order

finally arrives - they are saying 40 days until shipment!!

Well, that will be the end of May and the soil will be warm

and welcoming, especially for the nicotiana and

the evening scented stock, both of which I imagine, warmly,

scenting the summer evenings!!

The evening scented stock is a humble

flower during the day,

but in the evening the scent is glorious

and so full of memories of the my grandmother's

small garden.

I give a passing glance at the pea seeds

and the green onions

but it seems that I have reached the age

where it is required that I feed the soul

rather than the body!

I have rejoiced in a vegetable garden,

and he who tended it....

but now I rely on the local

Fruit stands or Farmers' Markets

for fresh summer veggies.

and have fond memories of the years

when I could garden passionately!!

Well, that was today....

Tomorrow I am going to wind that

intriguing towel warp!!!

My sore back willing............

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Hill Top Post said...

I see that you aren't the only family member who loves good music. It's such a good thing to have memories of those fabulous gardens of the past. I love the last picture.