Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday, April 14th, 2020

Most of the day I spent at the loom.

The wind was brisk and chilly this morning, so inside seemed a good place to be,  
but about tea time the sun had come out and the wind had gone into hiding,
 so I contemplated taking a cuppa out to the back patio,
 and giving Bruce the chance to have a little run around the garden.

All was warm and well, - enjoyed my tea, and the birds.
  A robin, a couple of goldfinches and a bevy of chickadees.
  I had my walker close by, so thought about taking a small stroll 
around the garden to see how the peonies and iris were doing, 
and if any of the lilies had pushed their stubby leaves through the ground.

Down at the bottom of the garden, 
in the raised bed,
 there is a lovely clump of deep purple and pink hellebores, -
 I have been keeping a small cut glass case filled with these blooms,
 close to the Beloved's picture,
 and thought to clip a couple of the blooms to refresh this small bouquet.

Off we went, - me and my walker and Bruce, who was still out keeping me company.

I set my walker beside me, leaned over and snipped off a stem 
with a number of blooms on it, - lovely!!

Evidently not paying enough attention to what I was doing,
 I leaned a little closer to the plant, and lost my balance.

Oh dear, oh dear, - nothing broken,
 but there I was, on the cement apron that leads to the garage, 
with a few spots that were hurting quite sharply. 
 I looked around, - ashamed to say that I was glad 
nobody was around to see me embarassing myself!!!  Ego!!!!!

I pushed myself up and limped into the house, -
only to find that the telephone was ringing.
 and on the other end was a kind and comforting male voice, who said,
 "Oh Mrs. Finch - you have just fallen.
Are you alright.?"

Well, of course, - I had my Lifeline on
 (which I try to remember every morning when I get up) 
 and though I thought nobody knew
 I had put myself in this sprawling position,
I soon found out that all sorts of people knew!!!  

As I reassured the Lifeline man I heard my daughter come up the hallway, - 
as one of the respondents she had also been phoned!!! 
 And my large and third son was at the door, -
 of course they had phoned him too!!

I am extremely grateful for the competency of the Lifeline People,
 and without hesitation would recommend 
that anybody who is ancient and lives alone
 should indulge themselves with this safety device.

When everyone had gone, -
reassured that their old Mother was O.K.,
 I put the Hellebores into the glass vase,
 and had a whispered talk with the Beloved 
as to what had just happened,
 and that I hoped he appreciated the flowers
 that keep him company,
 and the one who fell down, picking them for him
 and for Love

I shall look for bruises

and find the little jar of Apeaz salve

before I go to bed!


thelma said...

That was a beautiful read. I hope the bruises do not last long.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I hope things were not too painful when you awoke this morning. My mother had one of those devices, though only used it once. She fell as she was about to get into bed but was so embarrassed that she didn't press the help-button till after midnight after several attempts to get up. Despite this two neighbours turned out to help her and by the time my brother, the third person the system called and who lives a few miles away, arrived, they were all sitting around drinking tea. Are you sure there was nothing else in that tea?? :)

Ruth said...

Your beautiful words make me cry - for happiness that you have no broken bones, joy that you were able to refresh your bouquet, and sadness for the things at the end of life that have what I can only think to describe as joyful pain. It's all bittersweet, isn't it. God bless and keep you dear Hildred. He's surely watching over you!

Ellen D. said...

I am glad you are safe and hope that you do not feel too sore today. How quickly Lifeline checked on you and called your family! Amazing how that works. The flowers are lovely. Stay safe!

Penny said...

So glad that you are being looked after electronically. Hope there are not too many bruises.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Hildred, I hope the bruises are gone. And I know Charles appreciated the Hellebores (but I think he might have also suggested taking care ... I bet the same words your daughter and son used )j. I am glad to know how well the Lifeline worked ... I have two widowed friends who have one, but (as far as I know) have not yet tested it. (I am even more glad that you didn’t need any further help of course.)