Monday, April 20, 2020

April 20th, 2020

Then and Now

and the art of making home made bread

There was a time in my life,

when the family were all home

and veritably voracious

when it came to home made bread....

The voraciousness was apparent

when the bread drawer was empty

so it fell upon me.

the mother, and the source of all food

to see that the drawer

contained the necessities of life....

chocolate cake and home made bread!!!!

At that time, when I was young and vital

and the routines of life were a "piece of cake"

or a "loaf of bread"

there was no problem in following the routine

and setting the bread to rise

was just part of getting breakfast!

When I was twenty-five, or so

a kindly neighborhood friend taught me to make bread!

For the next twenty years I never looked back.

The loaves were lofty and delicious.

I made four at a time, probably every other day....

but then the children all went their various ways

and homemade bread was a treat for both Charles and I,

but not to be indulged in on a regular basis!!!

Eventually I probably gave it up all together

except for Christmas and Easter specialties

and in answer to earnest requests!

I put away the big round metal bowl that housed the dough

and just used it for Halloween candy treats,

or Christmas fruit cakes.

Until this morning when a variety of reasons

caused  me to to forget that I was 95 and past the age

of making homemade bread

One of the reasons has to do with the present circumstances

that make going to the store

a major production, what with Pandemics and what not!

Anyway, I searched my memory, and

eventually was forced to find the old Purity Flour

cookbook to reinforce the amount of salt,

and yeast, and the number of cups of flour.

A major production instead of the regular

routine that just got squeezed into the morning.

I am pleased to say that the outcome

was two loaves of "not-so-lofty" bread,

but acceptable....

All this despite the fact that after

I had slipped the pans into the oven

I went and collapsed in the big easy chair

and only woke up from the short recovery nap

half an hour later!

I sprang to my feet (as much as an elderly lady of 95 SPRINGS)

but I was just in time.....

The loaves were fragrant, and although

not so high and lofty, they would fit in nicely in the breadbox.

Just another of life's little accomplishments, still available!!!!

As far as 420 day I have nothing to contribute......


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Congratulations. This bread looks delicious!

Hill Top Post said...

The bread does look delicious! Now, I really want a piece, right out of the oven and slathered in butter!

The Weaver of Grass said...

The bread looks divine and I will join the queue for a virtual slice Hildred.

Ellen D. said...

Well done! Really looks yummy! I may have to bake something...

Barb said...

I love that you made bread, Hildred. I've been hankering to make some in my heavy pot, but I'm worried it won't rise at my altitude. I used to have a bread machine, and that seemed to do a good job until it stopped working. Yum - I could eat a piece of yours right now with a cup of coffee.