Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Flirting with Melancholy

Tuesday, the
21st of August

A melancholy day....

The sun didn't shine

and the day lacked any great enthusiasm!

The weaving went well,

but still it didn't inspire a little pool of joy....

What was it that so affected the day?

Well of course, perfectly normal...

"You"ve had these melancholy days before", I told myself.

And so I carried on

feeling kind of sad and aimless

and I found this great, sorrowful video

that you might like to listen to

if you should happen to hit a 'melancholy' day

that's Hauser on the left 

I recognize him for his lip accompaniement

to his lovely music

Here he is playing Albinino's Adagio

still very sorrowful

but so beautiful!

Cheer up, I whisper.....

tomorrow's another day!

1 comment:

Hill Top Post said...

So beautiful, Hildred! I can't exactly pinpoint how I feel now, but it's not melancholy.