Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday night!
August 24th, 2019

Well, I won't be going dancing tonight!  

And I am having a small hiatus from weaving...

(to give my right knee a little rest from the #2 treadle - 

the knee I hurt water skiing, - a self inflicted wound

inspired by a bout of egoism)

I considered a short session 

of Candy Crush

but decided in favor of a good book!

one that I can take to bed with me....

I have been re-reading Loren Eiseley lately

and am almost finished

"The Firmament of Time"

Probably just about a couple of dozen pages.

Just right to finish before the head starts to nod

and the eyes close

and the book falls

and I waken with a start

and start reading again

but I probably don't absorb the last few pages

and there, I'll have to do it all over again!!! 

This is a book I bought from Thrift Books.

A collection of Essays (or lectures)

beautiful prose, - easy to read

and very thought provoking.

Loren Eiseley was seventy

when he died in 1977

so there have been a number of more recent books

written on anthropology

but I doubt if any of them tell too much more

about man's scientific thoughts

on the nature of the world.

I find that "time is of the essence" these days

in many of the things I hope to do

and so I think it behooves me to take Bruce

out for his before-bed business,

and let Callie in for treats.....

and take myself to bed, together with

"The Firmament of Time".


Hill Top Post said...

"Time is of the essence," for sure! In one of my little notebooks in which I sometimes write things I want to remember, I have these words that I believe are yours.

"And now that I am older and time is slipping and sliding so quickly, I have still such great enthusiasm to fill it to the brim. But sometimes I am realistic enough to know that Time is a Trickster and life is tenuous, so the answer is to wake up smiling and try to live with grace and patience day by day..."

Hildred said...

Thank you! I don't know if these are my words but they certainly inspire me to slow down a bit and smell the roses!!!

Barb said...

I love reading in bed, Hildred, and often drop the kindle as I begin to dose. Then, I have to go back 2 pages to where I remember the thread of the story again! Hope your end of summer is still beautiful there. It's lovely here though getting cooler day by day.