Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Daybyday cum Garden cum Recollections etc. etc.

Off on my sidebar I have this long list

of Blogs which once I posted to

enthusiastically and with great energy

but times have changed

and so I have decided to amalgamate...,

(there's a good word)

the main reason being that I feel lazy and unproductive
when I go from one ABC Wednesday letter
to the next, without anything in between
even though I think in my mind
of a thousand things I'd like to write about!

So tonight it is DaybyDay cum Garden

and the picture above is redolent of the garden
in mid-summer
when all the springtime pastels have 
said farewell and the
vivid reds and yellows and purples of summer
come into their own.

I have stolen a few new potatoes
from the little curtain at the bottom of the 
potting bag that allows you to do that,
and enjoyed them with mint and new peas...
only a few of which twine themselves
around a pretty metal tower.

It makes me feel that I have a garden again!

Oh happy days, when I had a gardener too......

These days I find my happiness tending the flowers

(which sometimes requires that I roam the garden
with my machete, filling barrels of yard waste with extra greenery
I get so carried away at planting time)!!!

Here is a little smattering of these vibrant colours....

and the early morning smoke that drifts down from the
wildfires in the Cariboo/ Chilcotin
where my dear children keep vigil
and wait for the smoke and the danger to go away.


Nicola Finch said...

Beautiful gardens Mum and a Lovely memory of your gardener!! ❤️❤️ Good idea to almagamate too! XO

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The garden and all your flowers are stunning -- and the memories are priceless. I love the picture of your dear (co)-gardener. I'm glad you decided to amalgamate your blogs -- because I always think I will go and look at your others but this (happily) is the one I have on my Feedly list and sometimes I don't even have the energy to look at one extra blog . (As I have told you many times, your energy and talents put me to shame!)

Panharith said...

Good idea to almagamate too! XO