Thursday, October 22, 2015

Down Country Roads

October 22nd, 2015

It was a gorgeous day.

We had made a quick trip to the doctor to get some prescriptions refilled and after we sat and mused about ' which way home".

 There are so many hills to travel up and over.  Down the Okanagan and up over the Richter Pass or  half way down the Okanagan and up the road that passes through ranching country, acres of vineyards, rolling hills, small lakes and eventually the great White Lake Observatory.

Or should we travel the east side of Skaha Lake where the cliffs lie high and steep and seduce adventurous kite flyers, down through Okanagan Falls

Or the short way, a winding, twisty road that snakes its way through a wonderful treed stretch of country until it meets up with the main highway on its way into Keremeos.  This one beloved of motorcycle riders and most familiar to my chauffeur son.....the Green Mountain Road.

We chose the last, and it was heavenly.  Near the end, close to where we would rejoin the Highway, the cottonwoods a little off to the west stood so tall, so majestic, so golden.... and beneath them the ground was damp and green, coloured in spots with fallen leaves.  If we could have stopped and made our way down to the small hollow  in which they stood  it would have been  holy and quiet and akin to being in a beautiful cathedral...

(not these trees to the left which look to me like young birches)

Can you stand a few more photos of these lovely valleys in the autumn?  These willl probably be the last, as the wind each day takes a few more leaves and scatters them around to dry.

Enough of this gadding - tomorrow I must go into the garden and put the plants to bed!!

Only a few chrysanthemums left blooming amongst all the
dried leaves and rusty blooms.

Time to put the welcome out for that melancholy month, November!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Stand a few more pictures Hildred? Pictures of a Canadian autumn could go on for ever as far as I am concerned - beautiful - how I love your country.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your chauffeur is definitely one of the good guys to take you down that fork of the road... Though I am quite sure he enjoyed it as much as you did ( and your readers virtually). Stunning scenery ... I could never get tired of it. ( Autumn never lasts long enough ... It's good to have as many pictures of it as possible !).

Thank you for the gift of the passage from Goethe in your comment on FT-L ... A treasure and one I needed!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful drive through the country roads.