Sunday, October 18, 2015

A photographic Post

When my kind son-in-law came over the Fairview pass and was 

overcome by the beautiful autumn colours along the road

and into the hills, he so sweetly offered me and my camera

a Sunday morning trip, to take in the sights!

Wow!  I said yes right away.

Don't ever turn down offers like that.....

We turned back at the road that leads up on to the Cawston Basin,

where seven or eight  years ago Charles and I slipped away,

 took a picnic lunch and stopped

to take in the view that the cows see every day......

Just a random few of the 200 or so pictures I snapped

........and home again, here are the trees in the orchard

wearing their golden leaves wrapped around their ankles.

If you want to see this particular beauty you will have to hurry

as the first frosty night, the first gusty wind, 

will leave the branches bare,,

with only the snow when it comes, to warm them.


Robin Mac said...

I don't visit your blog very often, but I am so glad I saw these gorgeous photos. I can become an armchair traveller - thank you.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Some beautiful sights indeed, well done for grabbing the opportunity when it arose - not everybody does.

Penny said...

Such lovely photos, thank you.

Barb said...

You have such a variety of trees were you live - all garbed for fall. We are expecting the first snow this week, but our fall has lasted longer than usual so I can't complain.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Bless your son-in-law... absolutely perfect timing for an Autumn scenic drive. I do think I remember your post about the getaway you and Charles took to that beautiful spot!

I love Autumn. The only trouble with it is that it does not last long enough!