Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Sunday Posting

A little of this, a little of that, - it all adds up to a Sunday posting.....

A hot Sunday, I must say.  Even too hot to spend the afternoon in the shade, under the big umbrella out back.  But I see a few clouds as evening gathers, and perhaps by dusk they will make a nice background for the glorious moon, which should be 'blue' but is, instead a deep, rich orange as it rises in the south-east, from behind the Cawston hills.

I spent the morning reminiscing as I hunted through the thousands of pictures I have placed on the PC, scattered in what started out to be well-organized files.  Alas, they have progressed into a veritable jungle of duplicates, downloads and duds.   There are still faint remains of the skeleton structure, but the trees of the jungle have grown so many leafy photos which have stretched out into the far reaches of various programs, - hiding under rocks, - visiting the neighbouring collection of family pictures - out welcoming facebook photos that I must invite to join the stash.  Pictures that I gazed on just two days ago have vanished into the abyss, - deep into the photographic forest.

I thought that Lightroom would solve all my problems,  and it is great for day to day pictures from the camera, but what of the hundreds of scanned pictures I rescued and for whom I provided a loving home?  Pictures of ancestors on all four sides of our family, and now I am finding that even childhood pictures have taken on that dimension with younger members of the family.

Frustrating as the task might be I spent many wonderful moments remembering.  I come across a picture of my Mum and Dad, under a leafy tree, and see with what tenderness he is bent towards her. Here is a photo of Charles, holding a picture of our first born son the day we came home from the hospital.  How young we were - I see my grandchildren with the same look of wonder on their faces as they welcome our great-grands.

What I am looking for is pictures of our childhood to send to my niece as she prepares for a memorial for my sister, at the end of August.  I figured out how to send them via WinZip, and she figured out how to open the, so all goes well......

This afternoon Callie braved the garden, - she is, at least, small enough to crawl into one of the shady corners and watch for neighbourhood cats who might be out for a warm walk.

I stayed indoors and immersed myself in a book.  Two books, as a matter of fact.  I read a few of Edith Perlman's short stories in her book, "Honeydew".  Her writing reminds me of McCall Smith, - elegant and compassionate.

It wasn't yet Happy Hour when I set this book aside and picked up Horatio Clare's "Running for the Hills" which I mentioned in a posting last week, and which I had put aside to read McCall Smith's new 'Isabel book'.  I am enjoying it immensely.......

Even though summer is here with all its bright skies and brighter, hotter sun and incredibly great numbers of tourists in the Okanagan I ventured out yesterday with the kindness of my dear DIL who chauffeurs so cheerily, and we went to the Hooded Merganser in the Lakeshore Hotel in Penticton and had a long and delicious lunch with one old friend, one new friend, and the daughter and grandson of the dear old friend who came in right at the tail end and had tea with us.  It was a late lunch - probably two o'clock before we had finished our Sangria and ordered, and four-thirty before we got up to leave.

 A lovely way to spend the afternoon.  The great crowds of diners (lunchers) had left by the time we sauntered out, but their numbers were nothing compared to the crowds of summer visitors who filled the length of the beach with their umbrellas and sand pails and shovels and towels and floating apparatus.

Three sailboats in close to shore and a colourful parachute contraption that crossed from one side of the lake to the other, back and forth, back and forth, carrying adventurous holidayers.

The waterway that runs along the highway joining Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake was full of floatig inner tubes as people made their way down to the end where a bus waited to take them back to the start of their adventure.  The beach at Skaha was rimmed with colourful umbrellas and happy campers from the adjoining campgrounds........wonderful relaxing time!

Well, tomorrow is Monday.  Still a holiday - part of the week-end the young folk call "The August Long" so there will be many cars on the highways.  I will be in the loom room - finishing threading the new warp and if I am really enthused and my back is not complaining, perhaps starting to sley!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Photographs stored in my computer seem to have a mind of their own, moving about at will and proving very frustrating for me Hildred - so join the club.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh photos -- sometimes I despair! Mine are in about the same state, minus the scanned photos, which I always think I should do and will if I ever figure out how to manage what I have. The joy and sorrow of a digital is the exact same thing -- a whole lot of pictures!

Your day sounds so lovely; we all enjoy a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner.... in between the crowds.

Thank you again for the 'rabbit rabbit rabbit' bit of fun.

I am finished (physically) with the Isabel ... but I always live in my head with her for days after I finish; it is actually hard to start another book ... I love the conversations and the way her mind is always thinking of more than one thing at once.

Barb said...

I like reading about your days, Hildred. It sounds like summer tourists are out and about - that beach looks like it needs a shoehorn to fit another body! Our downtown is crazy-busy, too, but up the mountin where we live it's peaceful. I'm always shocked when I go into town. I also like late lunches when the restaurant isn't busy, and you can just visit as you eat. Stay cool - I bet your garden looks great.