Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Nothing on television tonight, sez Charles, as he twirls the dial, so to speak, and catches a bit of right wing politics.

Fine, sez I - I have other things to do and will be back at nine o'clock to watch 'Lewis" (with wonderful references to 'Morse" here and there throughout the show).

It has been a busy week, with great peaks but not without conflict and misunderstandings.

However, I have been stewing around, trying to pick up knowledge about digital pianos, - the ones that are appropriate for church use, - and finally our daughter suggested I ask Steve!

Of course, why hadn't I thought of it before.  Steven is our eldest son.  In the beginning I taught him to play the piano, but he far surpasses me now in the wonderful ability he has to express himself through his music and to rely on his ear, rather than his eye, to pick up marvelous melodies.

And besides that he is most generous with his time. and has a boundless spirit that is willing to help anyone, any time, willingly and with the same sweet smile he's always had....

The Church Board kindly gave me permission to go and find a digital piano to replace the old clunker we have had to rely on when it was a matter of piano vs. organ, - or piano and organ.

And so late yesterday morning I started off for Summerland with Sid, our third son, clambering up into his very large truck by way of a small step ladder.  We arrived there just at lunch time, met Steve went to have lunch with our DIL, Terry, at the restaurant she is in the process of buying.

I scoffed down the best part of a magnificent Greek Salad, and then we were off to Kelowna and the Music Shop.

I really am quite countrified now, - it is so long since I've been even to a large town, and Kelowna has grown to be a city at least as large as the one I grew up in on the prairies.  The music shop was amazing, - I counted ten cellos, - probably about fifty guitars, gleaming brasses by the dozens, and then all these wonderful small pianos.

I was shy about playing, to try out the sensitivity and weight of the keys and the various buttons marching along above the keyboard of this HP302 Roland, but eventually played a little Scott Joplin, and Steven played Sweet Georgia Brown, and then Myrna, who doesn't play the organ in church, but does play the piano, came and gave the instrument her blessing.  Sid, who plays drums and appreciates piano, thought it was pretty adequate, so after giving the man a cheque we all went next door to a bar and grill and had the largest plate of tacos and cheese and chicken and jalapeno peppers I have ever seen (country girl) while they bundled up the Roland  for transport.

 Sid was in Kelowna to pick up yokes for his steel shop and so we nudged them over and they loaded that lovely piano into the back of the truck, and off we went in late afternoon traffic, which was quite horrendous.  We stopped in Penticton to phone Charles and  buy him a wireless mouse for his laptop and then came home on a less crowded highway with the mouse and the piano and a light heart.

It was a lovely day, - I did so enjoy seeing the Okanagan, - the new highway and a different  bridge to the one I used to go over when I made regular trips to Kelowna.  But most especially it was such a pleasure to spend time and have conversation with these two sons, - I enjoyed the day immensely, and thank them both for their kindness and cheerful company, - and Terry for that gorgeous Greek salad and a peek at her new venture.

Myrna has been in touch and is ecstatic about the new piano and that adds even more pleasure and satisfaction to the day.  Oh, life can be very good sometimes....


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Good food and music - sounds like the recipe for an excellent day!

Wanda..... said...

Wonderful day for you Hildred, the pleasure of being with your sons, along with a new piano, with which you will give others moments of pleasure!

Barb said...

A wonderful day trip with sons plus a purchase that will give you and others much pleasure. Sounds like a successful excursion, Hildred.

teri said...

Wow - this sounds pretty darn exiting.I so admire people that can play an instrument. Good luck with Roland!

Morning's Minion said...

I recall playing two different 'pianos' of this type, both very nice--quite different from mere 'keyboards' which have had to suffice in a couple of situations. When I have played at various churches which had both a piano and an electric organ I've asked if I might use the piano. My 'touch' doesn't convert well to organ, although I can adequately get through hymns.
What a lovely day out you had!