Monday, January 23, 2012

A Baptism

A rare occurrence in the mainline churches these days  As are weddings, - the last wedding I played for in the church must have been five years ago - there are so many other venues that young secular people find appealing.  Traditionalists are to what we once considered Holy Sacraments as needles are to haystacks!!

Nevertheless we had this very mindful and beautiful ceremony at morning worship yesterday for a sweet baby entering into a community of loving souls, - he smiled all the way through it, even when the minister scooped up at shellful of water and cascaded it over his dear little forehead.

All of us old believers, who are so forlorn at the lack of children's voices in the church,  - young energies and sweet innocence - were past delight and into wondrous nostalgia.

I wakened about one o'clock last night.  The glow from the street light was golden on the trees and Orion's belt stood out brilliantly against the dark sky.

Today the sun is shining, - it is high enough in the sky and rising to our view by nine o'clock, skimming the top of the mountain.  Beautiful blue sky and soft benevolent clouds!

I see buds swelling and catkins on the hazelnut tree and I yearn for spring...


Barb said...

Blues in the photos but the day itself full of sparkle and happiness.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A christening.
How wonderful.
I delivered a hand-knitted blanket to a wee little fellow just last night. Two weeks old. Such a sweet miracle in a winter world.