Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30th, 2012

A nice mild day.

We waken sans duvet, which has been thrown off in the night as the open window brings in the warming air, reminiscent of early spring.

But of course it isn't - just a rare day in January when all the air currents are flowing the right way and our narrow little valley is protecting us from the winds that are blowing elsewhere in southern British Columbia.

I take the opportunity to shovel a little path to the compost bin, stir it up a bit and add more kitchen refuse, - I don't really think it is making much rich earth for the garden right now, but I look forward to that beautiful black loamy dirt, soft in my hands and full of all the good stuff that plants thrive on.

There is a lovely apple green china kitchen compost container in the drug store
 (where you can buy anything).
So far I have resisted bringing it home but I look each time I go in, and
eventually I suppose it will find a spot in my kitchen.

I had another peek at it this afternoon when I went to buy some birthday cards.
Then I went to the grocery store where the produce section has just been revamped.

'Just like uptown' I told the produce section manager.

To celebrate, and probably help pay for these sophisticated vegetable bins, they have imported a great variety of exotic fruits and vegetables, and I was moved to buy some in order to
make Charles' breakfast more appealing, and provide a change from the usual orange and Ambrosia apple, - not that they aren't delicious.

I bought a golden passionfruit, a Star fruit, whose proper name I don't know,
and a Honey Pomelo.  They are lounging around on
the kitchen counter looking quite exotic.

Besides a little passion from the Passionfruit, and some star-shaped slices from the Starfruit, I expect that the  Pomelo at least will contribute lots of pith and rind to the green apple kitchen compost and boost the health of the rose roots, come June.

The weather report forecast flurries overnight, so perhaps we will be glad of the duvet.


Wanda..... said...

That green apple compost bucket would entice me to buy it too, Hildred...I've only seen ones that look like miniature trash cans.

teri said...

I wonder if you have your green apple compost bucket? We end up always with a bowl on the counter, that gets emptied everyday into a bag in the back hall. Your compost looks so rich. This winter has been very mild... I was out on our deck today with my niece in bare feet! Virginia is usually much colder than this. I enjoy reading your daily stories.

Barb said...

Unfortunately, I can't compost here because of the wild animals it would draw. However, I'd have that little green apple if I could! My only exotic buy this morning was some Minneola oranges - nothing too daring on my counter. I baked "your" orange bread this afternoon - Bob ate a slice warm from the oven.