Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21st, 2012

I have a pair of socks that I am knitting for Charles that somehow do not draw me with any enthusiasm, even though I am anxious for him to have them because I know they will be comfortable on his poor feet that suffer with neuropathy.

No, all they do is keep me from clicking my needles, making something that really appeals to me and stirs me to get with it.  I just feel the tiniest bit guilty about the socks whenever I leaf through knitting books and see something  I'd love to try, - oh golly, that tiny bit of guilt is really messing up my creative life!!

If I were being sensible I would know that in beginning a new project  I can hardly wait to sit down and work at. making those blessed socks would be more inviting in spare moments when my hands want the calming effect of knitting but my mind isn't in to figuring out complicated patterns.

And goodness only knows that this is not a life that has been confined to having just one thing on the go at a time!  And I have UFO's to prove it, the socks for Charles being just one example.  There is the front of a lovely white sweater hidden away in a knitting bag, along with half of the back, and in a basket with a closed top I even have a circular needle sweater knit up to the arms  of the most heavenly blue wool, - a project that someone else foisted on me when they found it impossible to go the last mile with it.

This is not the UFO I have in my possession, but it is close enough, except for the shimmer in the wool, to be a near cousin of the one that was so kindly given to me, complete with markings for the sleeve and a confusing sheet of instructions that were vague as to just where the previous knitter had left off - given up because of disgust, lack of interest or distressing confusion.

At one time I had three or four looms warped at the same time, and happily went from one to the other, content to be creating, busy planning new warps, throwing a studied weft with care and happiness.

And here I sit, stymied by a pair of tweedy socks!

I am hoping to become activated soon, and to fill these winter days with something that pleases me and keeps my hands flying and my mind pleasantly occupied.

Mary Cassett


Penny said...

I am not much good at socks, get one done and the next one is not the same!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hildred - I just love knitting on four needles - I have not done it for years and am now fired with enthusiasm to have a go again after seeing your photograph.

Hildred and Charles said...

That's what I am needing, Pat, - getting fired with enthusiasm!!!!!

Barb said...

What? You're stymied by Charles's socks when you knit so many last year for Christmas? I think your enthusiasm is just worn out by all those socks already finished. I like that you call them UFO's - I have some hidden in the back closet, too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

And here I had always thought that you were perfect in every way Hildred! At least you have all these lovely projects started and I am sure you will finish them one day. All I do to keep my mind pleasantly occupied and my hands busy is, maybe, the daily NYT crossword puzzle. That does not anyone's feet at all ;>)