Monday, May 25, 2009

Do you remember lying on your back in the grass, smelling the fragrance of the earth and searching the clouds for elephants, or angels or any of the other wonderfully imaginative figures that the clouds are wont to form.

Yesterday was such a day, and if it wasn't so hard to get up I would surely have thrown myself down amongst the dandelions and searched the heavens....

Pictures don't really do it, - you have to be there to watch the movement of the clouds as they form and reform all the while providing enchanting entertainment for those who are aware and search....and I think, if I remember correctly, you have to squint your eyes!


Barb said...

Yes, I can see the shapes, Hildred. In the first, a jolly Polar Bear hugging the mountain. In the second a squirrel talking to a mouse in the right corner. In the third, an alligator just above the hill. It's good to retain a little of the child inside, don't you think - even when you're old?

Hildred said...

Oh yes, I see the polar bear too, Barb.

The squirrel and the mouse reminded me of Leon Redbone and Dancing on Daddy's Shoes!

It seems to me that as you get older the awareness we had as children returns like a precious gift.