Friday, June 01, 2007

This Afternoon....

I sat quietly in the shade, under the patio umbrella, with my back to the weeds and my eyes contemplating the garden and I was greatly satisfied.

We have not yet reached the days when the air shimmers in the heat, but the afternoon was probably the warmest we have had this year, and even from first thing in the morning the valley was hazy, and the hills blue and shadowed and indistinct.

My purpose was to be a watchful chaperone for the little dog, who, it seems, is seeing less every day. But he still enjoys his twice a day Business trips down the road, and starts off briskly, with tail aloft and with the air of someone who knows where he is going.

I am concerned that he will make a wrong turn as he starts home, and end up at the bottom of the road, where lurks the killer highway. Husband tells me that he relies as much on smell as on sight, and this is probably so, - but I have seen him become quite confused as to where he is, and so I watch and wait. I could go with him, but these old gentlemen value their independence!!

Caspar has been with us for twelve years, - when he came to us as a year old puppy we were still traveling, but now we are homebodies, - all three of us. And we all nap in the afternoon. Even Callie the cat sleeps on my chest, or on Husband's lap. A time to re-charge.

While I sat drowsily waiting for Caspar to return I looked down at my new lime green clogs that I bought for garden wear, and thought wonderingly about how young they make me feel. They make me want to walk the way I did ten years ago, - and sometimes I even accomplish it in these pretty, young shoes.

I wait now for the June Moon to make its entrance ( stage left from behind the Cawston hills) and to flood the valley with its romantic light.

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