Monday, June 04, 2007

Unfolding of a scarlet wonder....

Early Saturday morning I wandered the garden path, watching for new blooms, measuring with my eye the overnight growth of the Shasta's, and noticing with dismay the weeds that appeared to have usurped precious garden space, seemingly full grown in the night hours!

I came across the Oriental poppies, and the little pregnant bud that graced an earlier blog.

Her time had come and I quickly scanned my inner time clock, - did I have time to take pictures before the day began in earnest, - would it be a quick unfolding, or would the poppy be slow to release those silky crinkled petals that now light up the garden with their fiery, scarlet dance.

I have heard the poppy called a "coarse" flower, not long lived, - and I know its significance as a flower of sacrifice and remembrance. But to me its ephemeral beauty can be the epitome of gaiety as it nods and dances in the summer breeze.

Here is what I saw as this particular poppy bud opened its scarlet petals to the morning sky.

And all before breakfast!!!

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